Katy Perry And Taylor Swift’s Feud: 6 Shocking Revelations

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Ignore whatever it is Taylor’s stunt double is doing in the “Bad Blood” music video, she’s not capable of delivering that blow in real life. This war is one of verbal scratches and mind bullets. The rivalry between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry has been brewing for a few years, and there have been subtle clues and hints surrounding the entire celationship (yes, that would be celebrity relationship). Were they ever really friends, or just rich, really famous acquaintances? Let’s consider the six shocking revelations about this feud.

6. It Started Over… Dancers?

How did this alleged feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry even begin? Well… believe it or not, it began because of three backup dancers. Dancers who were loyal to Katy, had been hired by Taylor to promote Red back in 2012, then were offered another tour with Katy. Such is the nature of the beast. The dancers left Taylor — who they referred to as cool, but pretty much untouchable — to rejoin Katy, and prep for another tour of the world with someone they considered family. Taylor was a whopping 22 at the time, and in her mind, she probably had visions of an evil Katy Perry plotting behind the scenes. In reality, it was most likely Katy’s choreographer who made the initial suggestion, and the tour/production manager who made the calls. One of those dancers who ditched Swift for Perry’s tour also happened to be one of the now infamous “Dancing Sharks” from Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show.

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5. The Regina George Tweet

There have been several great verbal jabs tossed in this little feud between pop beauties, but first came with Taylor’s suggestion that another artist undercut Taylor’s entire arena tour. Knowing about the “personnel issue” this was obviously Katy Perry. When the Taylor versus Katy buzz stirred the tabloid pot, Katy offered a cryptic response, referring to someone as the fictional character, Regina George. Could this have been in reference to Taylor Swift? Oh, yes. It certainly was. As we’re all aware, Regina George was played to perfection by Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls: a cunning, conniving, manipulative individual who is nice to her friends faces, but sells them short and completely out behind their backs. Is that Taylor? Possibly? Probably not.

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4. People Are Taking Sides

Friends of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are allegedly taking sides in this nonsense. This story variable was presented after the recent Taylor Swift and Nicki Minja VMAs nomination “misunderstanding,” but it seems Taylor’s version of feminism may be wearing thin on several. Katy responded to the Taylor/Nicki Twitter exchange with her own take: “Finding it ironic to parade the pit women against other women argument about as one unmeasurably capitalizes on the take down of a woman…” Camilla Belle hopped in behind Katy, suggesting, “Couldn’t have said it better…” Mercy. In Taylor’s corner? Selena Gomez? She did portray Katy — er — Arsyn in Taylor’s “Bad Blood” video. According to Selena, there’s no taking sides in this mix, but c’mon… actions speak louder than words.

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3. John Mayer Is In The Mix

What is John Mayer doing in this mix? He’s the bridge from Taylor to Katy, both of whom have shared some bedtime with the notoriously femme-obsessed singer-songwriter. Now it seems John has sided with Katy in an effort to write the response song to Taylor’s “Bad Blood.” Really? If such is the case, it should serve as Katy’s best song to date, but it will also take this thing too far. When you’re the elder party in a feud, you’re supposed to let the kids continue to whine and take the high road. Still, what the heck was John Mayer doing with Taylor Swift to begin with? Does this guy not realize he was almost as close to 40 as she was 20? At least he’s within a decade of Katy Perry, but talent aside, he needs to get lost. He’s just another dude obsessed with the size of his own… ego.

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2. It Could Be Completely Fictional

This could all be Katy and Taylor having the last laugh. Selling millions upon millions of records because people are obsessed with this stuff. Sure, the Twitter jabs seem pretty authentic, and the not naming names things seems about as high school as it can get, but nobody would be surprised to learn this was orchestrated. Free press is free press, and fans are going to remain loyal, regardless. There is no need for reputation management, because both artists are beloved by their fans, and always treat their fans the way they should… which is why this all seems so odd. One can almost imagine these two having slumber parties, and coming up with the next plot twist of this quietly ongoing feud. Or they loathe each other, and may eventually end up in the octagon dueling it out. Let’s hope.

1. Neither Will Say The Other’s Name

Girls. Just say it. Say a name. Who do you hate so much that you can’t say their name? Just say it! Voldemort! Honestly, this is the most comical aspect of this feud, and the reason it keeps going on… and on… We’re into year three, people. It’s also the reason it could easily be a faux feud dreamed up by the two musicians. Two millionaires fighting over ideas? And pretty flimsy ideas at that. Girls. You’re both beautiful. You’re both talented. You both enjoy legions of fans. What is up with this nonsense? Either be an adult about it — come out and say, “I don’t like _____,” or kiss and make out. Up! Make up… And if they’re both talking about Miley Cyrus, then may they form an alliance and lead us all to victory. But seriously: can’t we all just get along?

Source: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

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