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Taylor Swift isn’t super experimental when it comes to her hair, but she does like to switch it up and keep things interesting. Since first beginning her career as a country star and then transitioning into a pop icon, she’s changed her hairstyle several times. Sometimes it’s been a huge success while at other times it’s been disappointing at best. Join us as we take a look at Taylor Swift’s hair evolution:


When the country star was first starting out, she really liked to show off her curls. They were pretty full back then and they look a little too perfect to be natural. Something tells us that she used a curling iron! Still, she looked really pretty.


Taylor decided to start going straight in 2010 and she got herself a fringe. It also looks like she had started to dye her hair too! We’re not the biggest fans of this hairstyle. Her features are way too delicate for fringe bangs and the dye job doesn’t look especially natural. Try again Swifty!


Instead of going back to curly, the “Back to December” singer opted for some loose curls and some side swept bangs. We personally think this hairstyle really suits her and the color as well. It looks way more natural.


Sadly, Taylor couldn’t stay away from the fringe bangs for long! By 2012, she went for some seriously thick bangs and a long straight mane. The color’s nice, but the bangs…absolutely not. Seriously Taylor, stay away from the fringe! It’s just not for you!


The “Blank Space” singer decided to switch things up! She chopped off the long hair and went for a cute bob with some side swept bangs. She also decided to add some slight waves. We gotta say, we love this! It’s very chic.


The pop star decided to keep the bob and the side swept bangs, which we think was a good choice. This hairstyle became quite the phenomenon. Girls everywhere were begging their hairdressers for this exact hairstyle!


Taylor brought the fringe back and went for a shorter bob. She looks a bit like a young Anna Wintour in this photo, which isn’t exactly a compliment. She’s lucky she’s got that pretty little face of hers, otherwise, this would have been a complete disaster.


The “22” singer has gone platinum blonde which, in some photos makes her look like Michelle Williams and, in others, more like Debbie Harry. We’re not huge fans of this look, but we’re sure that she will change it soon.

Photo by Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock

Photo by Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock



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