13 Things You Didn’t Know About Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift is pretty awesome. She’s been in the spotlight since she was 15, but it hasn’t spoiled her personality in any way. She’s still sweet, unpretentious and a great role model for young women. We wish more celebrities could be a little more like Swifty. Since we all either secretly adore her or are full out fans, here are 13 things you didn’t know about the country singer turned pop star!

13. A Big Move

When she was just 14, Taylor persuaded her parents to move from to Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, to Nashville so that she could pursue a career in country music.

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12. Family First

Swift is really close to her parents and they are quite involved in her career. According to her, they are quite different. “Mom is calculated, logical, business-minded; kind but very, very direct. Makes you better by giving you these little pointers but doesn’t baby you. My dad is a Chatty Cathy, the social butterfly; friendly; knows everybody in the whole world by six degrees; tells me that every performance is the greatest he’s ever seen, every new outfit is the coolest. Constant cheerleader.

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11. So Much Success

She is the only artist to sell more than a million copies within the first week of their U.S release for three of her albums, Speak Now, Red and 1989.

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10. The Anti-Lohan

Taylor is surprisingly straight laced – she rarely drinks, doesn’t smoke or go clubbing.

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9. Girls Fan

Taylor loves the show Girls. It’s like her Sex and the City. “I could label all my girlfriends as Shoshannas, Jessas, Marnies or Hannahs,” she told Rolling Stone magazine. When asked which one she is, she said Shoshanna.

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8. Idyllic Childhood

She spent her early childhood on a Christmas Tree farm in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Her mom, Andrea, worked in finance and her father, Scott, was a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch.

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7. City Girl

The “Bad Blood” singer was actually really nervous about moving to New York, but now that she’s living there, she loves it. In fact, she’s trying to recruit her friends to move here. One friend that she’s currently trying to convince is Selena Gomez.

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6. Awkward

Taylor’s middle school experience was pretty miserable. According to her, she was ostracized for being a temporarily awkward teenage girl who spent her spare time singing the national anthem at professional sports events.

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5. Non-Confrontational

Swifty considers herself to be non-confrontational. In fact, she hates conflict and will go out of her way to avoid it. But that doesn’t mean she won’t write a song about it.

4. Privileged Upbringing

Growing up, Swift’s family had an oceanfront vacation home in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. According to her, “it was a pretty magical place to grow up.”

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3. Daddy’s Little Girl

As a girl, Taylor wanted to be a stockbroker just like her dad.

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2. Cat Lady

Swifty’s idea of a banging Saturday night is staying in and watching Titanic with her cats.

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1. Learning to Play

When Taylor was 12, a computer repairman taught her to play three chords on the guitar, which inspired her to write the song, “Lucky You.”

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