8 Celebrities Who Tried To Have Their Co-Stars Fired


It’s not uncommon to have a little bit of drama on the set of any production, whether it be film, television or even Broadway. Stress levels are high and stars are forced to spend long hours of the day working with co-stars they might not like, so a little bickering here and there isn’t much to get worked up about, but sometimes it goes even further than that. There have been incidents where stars have gone so far as to have their co-stars fired. Some celebrities tried and didn’t succeed, while others were actually successful. Here’s a list of 9 celebrities who tried to have their co-stars fired:

8. Lucy Liu

One of the most high profile co-star spats, Lucy Liu and Bill Murray reportedly did not get along while filming the 2000 film Charlie’s Angels. As the story goes, Murray allegedly told Liu she couldn’t act and Liu responded by throwing punches at her co-star. Things got so bad they had to be pulled apart. Of course, when asked about the incident Murray recalls it much differently and has referred to it as a small spat, but he wasn’t asked to return for the sequel, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. His character was replaced by Bernie Mac and we’re guessing Liu had something to do with it!

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7. Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin briefly worked with Shia LaBeouf on the Broadway production Orphan back in 2013, but it was just long enough for Baldwin to realize he didn’t want to work with LaBeouf. Baldwin said: “One day he attacked me in front of everyone. He said, ‘You’re slowing me down, and you don’t know your lines. And if you don’t say your lines, I’m just going to keep saying my lines.’ We all sat, frozen. I snorted a bit, and, turning to him in front of the whole cast, I asked, ‘If I don’t say my words fast enough, you’re going to just say your next line?’ I said. ‘You realize the lines are written in a certain order?’ He just glared at me.” Baldwin went to the stage manager and director and told them if they didn’t fire LaBeouf, he would quit the project. LaBeouf was subsequently fired during rehearsals.

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6. Charlie Sheen

Selma Blair was hired as Charlie Sheen’s co-star on the set of Anger Management. In June 2013, TMZ reported that Blair was fired from the show after she and Sheen experienced major problems on set. It all started when Blair began complaining about Sheen’s work ethic and punctuality. When Sheen caught wind of this he refused to work with her and told producers that, if they didn’t fire her, he would quit. Lionsgate sided with Sheen because they’d allegedly already been planning to write her off the show and cut her contract. A few months later Blair threatened to sue both Sheen and Lionsgate for $1.2 million (the amount of money she would have earned had she not been dismissed).

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5. LisaRaye McCoy

It’s always been a little unclear why Stacey Dash was fired from Single Ladies back in 2012. Rumors swirled that LisaRaye had her fired, but she refused to admit it until recently. In an episode of Centric’s Being series, LisaRaye confessed to taking action against Dash. “In Hollywood, I’ve learned to be a boss. I had to say to Stacey Dash, ‘If you don’t get your motherf-cking finger out of my face…’ So for our second season of Single Ladies, there was a replacement for Stacey Dash,” she said. In prior interviews LisaRaye said her early exit was due to a spat between her and the director, but it seems now her story has changed!


4. Tori Spelling

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding Shannen Doherty’s behavior on the set of Beverly Hills, 90210, but all rumors were dispelled with Tori Spelling revealed the truth during the Lifetime special Tori Spelling: Celebrity Lie Detector. Spelling admitted she had Doherty fired from the show which makes sense considering her father, Aaron Spelling, was the creator and producer on set. It has been said that Doherty didn’t get along with any of her co-stars and at one point there was a physical altercation between her and Jennie Garth. “I felt like I was part of something, a movement, that cost someone their livelihood. Was she a horrible person? No. She was one of the best friends I ever had,” said Spelling. But also admitted it was the right decision for the workplace as a coworker.


3. Ryan Gosling

You’d never guess from their chemistry on-screen (or later real life romance), but Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling had a bit of beef on the set of The Notebook. During one particularly frustrating day of filming, Gosling tried to have McAdams fired when he asked director Nick Cassavetes to bring in another actress to read with him. According to Cassavetes, he managed to diffuse the situation with an impromptu therapy session. “We went into a room with a producer; they started screaming and yelling at each other. I walked out. I smoked a cigarette and everybody came out like, ‘All right let’s do this.’ And it got better after that. They had it out…I think Ryan respected her for standing up for her character and Rachel was happy to get that out in the open”

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2. Kirk Cameron

There have been a lot of rumors and speculation about why Julie McCullough, who played Mike’s girlfriend Julie Costellio, was abruptly fired from Growing Pains in season 4. Many media outlets reported that she was fired because Kirk Cameron (who had developed a strong following to the Christian faith) was extremely bothered by the fact that she had posed in Playboy magazine. He reportedly stormed into the producers office and insisted she be written off the show. Cameron has denied all allegations that he was involved in McCullough being fired. He said their wedding was never intended to go through, but executive producer Steve Marshall admitted Cameron became extremely involved behind the scenes by demanding script changes and that he would get upset if producers didn’t comply with his demands.

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1. John Stamos

During an interview at the Television Critics Association press tour, John Stamos admitted he did try to have the Olsen twins fired from Full House during filming of season 1. “It’s sort of true that the Olsen twins cried a lot. It was very difficult to get the shot. So I [said], ‘Get them out!’ That is actually 100 percent accurate. They brought in a couple of unattractive redheaded kids. We tried that for a while and that didn’t work. [Producers] were like, all right, get the Olsen twins back. And that’s the story,” he said. Their lives would have been much different if Stamos had actually been successful in having them fired!

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