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When Ellen DeGeneres isn’t busy doing giveaways to fans, she is interviewing, chatting with and also scaring the biggest celebrities in Hollywood. Ellen loves to have fun and pull pranks and no matter how well she sets it up by talking about fears or being scared, or how many times she does it, it seems the celebrities are never expecting to be snuck up on, making for some amazing and hilarious results. From people popping out of the “table” beside the celebrities’ chair to other celebrities and of course Ellen herself, a lot of stars have been scared and while some were just not having it, some made it awesome with their reactions. With Halloween right around the corner, check out the 12 best scares Ellen DeGeneres has pulled on celebrities.

12. Cameron Diaz

Ellen DeGeneres set this up perfectly and Cameron Diaz still didn’t catch on! One time when the gorgeous actress was talking with Ellen, the host asked Diaz about turning 21 on the set of her very first film, 1994’s The Mask, and talked about the effect of Jim Carrey wearing the mask, to which Diaz replied, “He can be a scary guy anyway, because he makes crazy faces. But, when he would wear that mask would that scare you in any way.” An unsuspecting Diaz also talked about how Carrey taking the mask off was actually the scariest part and just as she said this a person dressed like The Mask crept up and growled in her face. Diaz screamed and rolled in her chair, but it quickly turned to laughter when she realized Ellen had pranked her.


11. Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Sometimes it isn’t only characters or “monsters” that scare Ellen’s guests. There have been times where Ellen herself has done the scaring and of course other times where she has enlisted the guest’s friends and costars to scare them and this is what happened to Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson. As per usual, Ellen set it up by asking Ferguson about his relationship with his on-screen husband Eric Stonestreet and as he was gushing about him, Stonestreet scared Ferguson. His reaction of “OH! Jesus Christ!” was priceless.

10. Eric Stonestreet

Of course, the tables have been turned on Eric Stonestreet as he has been scared on Ellen many a time, and even when he prepares for it, she still gets him. After being pranked a few times with someone sneaking up on him while he was talking, Stonestreet thought he outsmarted Ellen by bringing two friends to stand backstage and warn him if someone was coming. It seems, however, that he forgot about the ever popular prank of hiding someone in the table that sits between Ellen and her guest, and she got Stonestreet yet again.

9. Kristin Wiig

It always seems Ellen has a perfect way to set up a scary situation and none was better than with actress Kristen Wiig in May, 2015 after it was announced she would be starring in the new, all-female Ghostbusters film. Ellen, of course, had to ask the actress, “Do you believe in ghosts?” to which Wiig vaguely answered, “Ya…sure. Ya, no, I do.” Just as they were getting into the discussion, a person wrapped in all white popped out of the little table, scaring Wiig so bad she came out of her chair and ended up on the floor.

8. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus may scare people with her own outfits and antics, but since Ellen is a master at scaring, even she was able to get Cyrus. Ellen began the conversation innocently enough, asking the pop star about her experience jumping out of a plane and how it helped her battle her severe anxiety. She probably should have known something was up, however, when Ellen stated, “So, what you’re saying is nothing can scare you anymore,” and just as Cyrus was saying, “Nothing, nothing, no can scare…” someone dressed as Robin Thicke from the VMAs grabbed her. Miley screamed “Oh my god! Oh my god!” and then admitted, “I have to be prepared for Ellen.”

7. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has been a victim of Ellen’s pranks many times and each time she doesn’t seem to see it coming even though they are usually talking about “scary” things. Obviously, Ellen goes all out dressing up her people to scare her guests and some of the best costumes have been for scaring Gomez. Along with being scared by a “vampire,” Ellen also had someone creep up on Gomez wearing a “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” type outfit complete with a chainsaw, all in the same episode! At the time Gomez was still dating Justin Bieber and, in between discussing her dating life and her busy work schedule, Ellen managed to get Gomez not once but twice.

6. Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is pretty good at making fun of and pulling pranks on his own celebrity guests on his late show, so nothing is better when Ellen gets to turn the tables and get Fallon back. What could only be an amazing show having both spectacular hosts on got even better when DeGeneres was able to scare Fallon with none other than someone dressed as a giant peacock. If his initial reaction wasn’t good enough, Fallon being the funny man that he is actually lied down across the ladies in the front row of the audience, buried his head in his hands and stated, “I hate my life, I hate it. I hate everything, I hate everything,” making a funny moment even funnier.

5. Scarlett Johansson

Sometimes Ellen has her celebrity guest stars set up so well with what they are saying before they get pranked that many wonder if they do know what is coming. This was the case when Ellen had actress Scarlett Johansson scared by her Avengers co-star Chris Evans. The two were reflecting on the fact that Johansson and Evans had done five movies together and Ellen asked, “So you must know him pretty well?” Johansson responded perfectly with, “I know him very well. Too well…I’m sure,” and Ellen continued, “Everything that he is going to do…” as he popped up behind Johansson and yelled in her ear. Not only was Johansson’s momentary reaction priceless, but the joy Evans got out of pulling it off really made it one of the best.


4. Dennis Quaid

While some celebrities might seem like easier prey than others, no one would suspect actor Dennis Quaid to have such a good reaction. Once again Ellen had him talking about his fears and he admitted he was scared of “bats, and rats, and snakes,” and Ellen asked him what it is about rats that scare him. Naturally, she had someone dressed up in a rat costume sneak up on the actor who had one of the best reactions of all time, screaming “ahh, gahhh” in a higher pitch than normal. Even Ellen laughed and stated, “that was the best reaction” and Quaid’s embarrassment at his own reaction made it even better.

3. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is another star who has been targeted by Ellen more than once, much like her good friend Selena Gomez and always pulls it off even though Swift should probably be expecting it by now. One of the best ones, however, was when Ellen  totally caught Swift off guard the moment she arrived on the show. Ellen had someone tell Swift there was a picture she wanted her to see in the bathroom, only to scare her when she walked in. It worked so well that the singer actually fell to the floor and then began to laugh as did the rest of the people around including Ellen because of Swift’s reaction.

2. Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the most gifted actors in Hollywood, and while he is a hottie, he has also been able to creep people out with quite a few of his roles as well. Once again Ellen lured Gyllenhaal into a false sense of security by having him discuss his various roles and why he chooses him, and then just as he was giving a very well thought out answer, someone dressed as a very scary porcelain doll jumped out of the “table.” Gyllenhaal’s face along with his “Oh my god! What the f–k!” was amazing, not to mention it seemed to scare quite a few of the audience members as well.

1. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber tries to pull off a bad boy persona, but if anyone can call him out on being tough, it is Ellen. Bieber was on the show in early 2015 where Ellen asked him about getting roasted for his 21st birthday on comedy central. While asking him if he was “nervous” or “scared” for the event, she had someone dressed as Bieber complete with blonde hair, tattoos and Calvin Klein underwear jump out of him. Bieber had the perfect reaction, falling deeper into his chair and yelling “oh my god!”

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