10 Ellen DeGeneres Pranks That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

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One of the best parts of Ellen’s show is her pranks, hands down! The Ellen Show host is known for her hilarious antics for which no one is spared. From studio audiences to unsuspecting celebrities, Ellen loves to see people’s reactions to her silly pranks. We’ve rounded up a list of the 10 best pranks Ellen’s done over the course of her show that are sure to make you laugh!

10. Steve Harvey

Ellen certainly knows how to outdo herself when it comes to her pranks! A few years ago, Ellen teamed up with Steve Harvey to prank an entire studio audience in one of her hilarious “Ellen in Your Ear” segments. As part of his new talk show, Harvey hosts a question and answer segment with his audience. With Ellen in his ear, Harvey offers the most ridiculous pieces of advice we’ve ever heard that include doing the “high kick of life.” Ellen also has Harvey make a false confession about his infamous mustache. In hearing her line, Harvey tries to suppress laughter that almost blows his cover.


9. Jennifer Aniston

Ellen paired up with Jennifer Aniston for a super funny prank on an unsuspecting victim. A salesman named “Skippy” delivers a bicycle to Aniston, only to get caught up in an odd conversation with the actress. Despite Ellen throwing odd lines her way, Aniston is a great sport who knows how to ham things up even more. And perhaps even more funny is that Skippy makes a confession of his own!