Bobbi Kristina Death: 11 Shocking Revelations

Since Bobbi Kristina Brown’s accident back in late January of this year, many people had been wondering what was going to become of her. Her father gave the impression that she was recovering while her mother’s family insisted that Bobbi Kris -as everyone knew her -was gone for good. Her boyfriend/fiancé/husband has kept mostly silent throughout this painful ordeal and there are many in the Brown/Houston family who think that he was involved in her accident. The one thing that we know for sure is that this situation got really confusing really quickly. Here are 11 shocking revelations from the events that lead up to Bobbi Kristina’s passing, as well as what has happened since.

11. She Had Been Using Drugs

According to Nick Gordon, prior to Bobbi Kristina’s death, she had been high on drugs. Multiple sources confirmed that she was a heavy drinker and frequently used heroin, cocaine and Xanax. Another source stated that Bobbi Kris had been in and out of rehab during the three years leading to her death.

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10. She Had a Loud Argument with Nick

Prior to Bobbi Kristina’s accident, Nick Gordon had a heated exchange with the music scion. According to him, he walked away from the argument and fell asleep in a different room in her house and she went to draw a bath. A friend of theirs, Max Lomas, found her soon after unresponsive in the bathtub.

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9. Had Been Depressed

Prior to her accident, Bobbi Kristina was desperately missing her mom, the late Whitney Houston. Five days before she was hospitalized, she had posted a message about her mom on Twitter: “Miss you mommy…SOmuch…loving you more every sec. #Anniversary!”

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8. She Never Legally Married Nick Gordon

Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon may have announced to the world that they had tied the knot but, according to Bobby Brown’s lawyer, they were never legally married.

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7. Her Conservators Are Suing Nick

Bobbi Kristina’s conservators filed a $10 million lawsuit against Nick a couple weeks before her death. The civil lawsuit accuses him of assaulting Bobbi and robbing her of thousands of dollars. He is also accused of misrepresenting himself as her husband so that he could control her and limit her interactions with others. He reportedly answered her personal cell phone on a regular basis and would not allow her to make appointments without his approval. He allegedly transferred a large portion of her money to an account that he controlled.

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6. Nick Was Not the Man She Thought He Was

According to the civil lawsuit that was filed by Bobbi Kristina’s family against Nick Gordon, the day before she was found unconscious in her bathtub, she had told a friend that Nick was “not the man she thought he was.” She was going to meet with the person on the day of her accident to discuss it further, but she never made it to the meeting.

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5. There Is a Criminal Investigation

Nick Gordon is currently the target of a criminal investigation in the Bobbi Kristina case. According to TMZ, Bobbi Kris had suspicious injuries on her body when she was hospitalized this past January. There was reportedly a history of domestic violence between Bobbi and Nick.

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4. She Had Global and Irreversible Brain Damage

After Bobby Brown announced to the world during one of his concerts that Bobbi Kristina was awake and watching him, Cissy Houston told Us Weekly that her granddaughter had been taken out of the medically induced coma, but she remained unresponsive because she had global and irreversible brain damage.

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3. Prior to Her Death, She Was Skin and Bones

A family source told People that, prior to her death, Bobbi Kristina was “skin and bones.” The same source said that the music scion “had been losing weight” and had “been losing her hair.” She had “no muscle tone at all” and there was “worry that her organs had been shutting down.”

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2. Her Cause of Death Is Under Investigation

Bobbi Kristina’s accident and untimely passing have left a lot of unanswered questions, so an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of her unresponsiveness and eventual death.

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1. Nick Is Reportedly on Suicide Watch

Following the news of Bobby Kristina’s death, her former boyfriend Nick Gordon is reportedly on suicide watch. A source said, “He is out of control with regret and sadness. He keeps saying that if only [Bobbi Kristina] had heard his voice, things would have been different. She may have lived.”

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