8 Reasons People Love To Hate Kylie Jenner

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Love her or hate her, Kylie Jenner isn’t going to disappear from the spotlight anytime soon. As much as some might dislike her, we just can’t stop talking about her latest antics. She’s got a bold personality with mega-money at her expense, a taboo relationship and on top of all that, we are scratching our heads wondering what exactly she’s famous for. It’s not surprising why people are so fascinated with the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner klan. Check out the items on this list and find out why people love and hate (and love to hate) Kylie Jenner.

8. She’s Famous…For What?

People who aren’t exactly fans of the famous family like to snark over the fact that they’re famous for…what? Granted, Kylie and her family might not be famous for normal fame-granting things like winning an Oscar or walking on the moon, but they’re certainly in the public eye. And with that attention, she shows off everything that her life entails (or, at least, what she wants the public to see) and those who love her drool over every aspect while those who hate her get their chance to gripe. So if you don’t quite get it, here it is: Kylie is famous for being famous. And she does very well.


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7. She’s Rich

Flaunting a lavish lifestyle (ya know, the clothes, the vacations, the cars, the $2.7 million 5-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom mansion in a snazzy gated community with the drool-inducing walk-in closet) funded by the millions she’s already bringing in via many product endorsements with hefty contract rewards, these are the reasons so many follow Kylie on social media. Have you checked out her Instagram lately? Of course you have! Currently estimated to be worth $5 million, at 18, she has more money before 20 than most people will make in their entire careers. While some admire Kylie for her money-making maneuvers, others are less impressed and even more jealous of her bountiful bank account.

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6. That Body

Admiration and jealousy, lust and loathing – Kylie’s fine figure has a way of bringing them all out at once. Flaunting her fit form that has all of the benefits of youth and good genes, personal trainers and top-notch chefs (wouldn’t we all be so svelte if we had the same lifestyle?), it’s no wonder she loves to show off her curves. Whether she’s stepping out in stylish sweats or wearing the latest couture on the red carpet, Kylie always manages to show off what she’s working with hot-bod-wise.

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5. That Hair

Do you love Kylie long locks? Do you prefer them dark and sleek? Or minty green? Or perhaps ghostly white? You never know what will be topping off Kylie’s look from one day to the next. She obviously loves to switch up her color, if not her super-straight current style, she’s not afraid to take colorful risks when it comes to her long, sleek locks. Some love that she mixes it up while others are minty green with envy and would prefer that she stick to the signature dark hair color of the Kardashian Jenners. Depsite what anyone thinks, it looks like Kylie will be continuing to play with the rainbow hair potential for a little while longer at least.

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4. Those Lips

Oh, those lips. Practically changing her entire look overnight, it’s still wild to compare the before and after pics of Kylie. The impact of merely plumping up her lips (along with some makeup updates that highlighted her new mouth) was wild and shocking to many. Taking her from a beautiful teen to a knock-out woman, Kylie claims to love her big lips, although there have been reports that she may take a break from her plumping ways. But just as those reports come out, Kylie pops more pics on Instagram that show off her now infamous mouth.

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3. Her Relationships

Age police prudes got their grandma panties in a knot when they found out that Kylie was dating rapper Tyga. Yes, she was still a teen at the time. Yes, he’s a few years older. Yes, there are a whole heck of a lot of other aspects to their relationship, both public and private. No, this is nothing new. Love the pair or hate ‘em, approve or disapprove fiercely, Kylie and Tyga don’t care. And despite Kylie only being 18, the two are starting to think long-term. “Tyga wants to marry Kylie eventually…They discussed it later down the line once Kylie gets a bit older. They are in a very happy place.” And why would Kylie even be considering marriage Tyga? “Tyga and Kylie are in a really great place in their relationship. They Are really in love. Tyga would do anything for Kylie.” Aww!

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2. Her Give-No-Sh-t, Take-No-Sh-t Attitude

Don’t like Kylie’s hair? She doesn’t care! Don’t like Kylie’s outfit? She’s doesn’t care! Don’t approve of her relationship? She doesn’t care! Kylie has found stellar success doing exactly what she’s doing and her give-no-sh-t, take-no-sh-t attitude confirms and enforces her fierceness which only makes those who love her adore her even more and those who hate her despise her even more. It’s all good to Kylie!

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1. Her Family

Some people just really dislike the entire Kardashian-Jenner family. For every person who gobbles up every Kardashian Jenner headline, there’s another person who claims to avoid everything about them. For every person who obsessively watches their shows, there’s another person who would rather never see them on screen again. Kylie was born into a well-to-do, semi-famous family who climbed their way to being one of the most famous families in the country and she’s inherited all of the benefits and drawbacks that come with that, and she’s milking every minute of it as only Kylie can.

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