Kylie Jenner vs. Blac Chyna Feud: 7 Most Face-Palmable Moments

There is no such thing as bad publicity. So long as they’re talkin’ about ya… and when people are talkin’ about ya, you’re a cash commodity. “It’s a sad societal state that we live in,” said everyone who has lived on this earth. This is nothing new. People love celebrity. They need false gods to worship, and people to point at who make them feel better about themselves when those people look foolish. That’s exactly what we have in the Kylie Jenner, Blac Chyna feud. Here are the 7 biggest reasons to put your face in your hands.

7. It’s Over a Guy Named Tyga

Let’s consider why these ladies are feuding to begin with. It’s over a guy named Tyga, who is a rapper, but that statement in and of itself is debatable. Even if he was great, his name is Tyga. Tyga!? This is a play on the animal known as a Tiger, but jazzed up in the most derogatory, stereotypical way possible for someone who came from the inner city. It’d be awesome if he’d just go by Michael Nguyen-Stevenson. That would be clever. But then, the ladies probably wouldn’t war over Michael Stevenson. So, there’s Kylie Jenner, the daughter of an Olympian and a socialite, who is privy to more money than has been printed, and Blac Chyna, an “urban model” and stripper who came to know Tyga, then starred in one of his videos. Which of these gals should take the high road?

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6. Kylie Keeps Poking Blac Chyna With a Stick

Speaking of not taking the high road, Kylie keeps jabbing Blac Chyna with a selfie stick. And she’s likely being coached to do so by some idiot in her family. Why do this to someone? To anyone? You “got” the guy? Is that not enough? Well… not when you’re 18, and you’re a socialite celeb. Enough is never enough, because you’ve never really had so much that it’s been truly overwhelming. So, the sister of Kim Kardashian — trying to do the best Kim Kardashian impersonation — keeps poking the stripper who is trying to do the best Nicki Minaj impersonation. It’s not becoming, but it does land your name in the headlines, as witnessed above. And if you’re mom is none other than momager, Kris Jenner, this is not only a good thing, it’s the best of things! Such a societal bane, that woman.


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5. Kris Jenner Is Probably Proud

Kris Jenner is not gonna win any I.Q. contests. She was quite savvy in figuring that sex sells at an early age, but in terms of her MENSA membership, she’s probably a few years shy. It’s not to be overly cruel, but seriously, how many children does she have to sell-out to a careless machine like Hollywood paparazzi in order to enjoy the spoils of her preferred lifestyle. Her daughter is underage, and Kris idly stands by, and allows Kylie to date a dude who obviously can’t keep his junk in his pants. This isn’t an issue of pregnancy, because momager Kris probably handled that when Kylie had her 13th birthday party and put her on the pill, but it’s still irresponsible. Perhaps the parents are simply too busy puppeteering the media to notice their youngest daughter.

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4. Blac Chyna: Laughing All The Way to The Bank

For fans of Blac Chyna, they gotta be offering a standing ovation every time another pointed post comes across Instagram from Kylie Jenner. The silliness started with a “ring,” then it became a call-and-answer, anything you can do, I can do better, InstaWAR. It could be exhausting for all of us, but it doesn’t take any brain power to comprehend. Actually, it might vacuum some brain cells from the smarts department if we’re not careful, so after this list, that should pretty much be that. That having been stated, one has to tip a cap to Blac Chyna that she is able to properly bait this young Kylie fish into biting, time and time again. This equates to more celebrity, and more financial flow filtered into the account labeled: Blac Chyna. Actually, they’re probably labeled Angela White.

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3. Tyga Allegedly Cheated On Kylie

Fourth of July weekend ended with a scandalous bang in the realm of the Kylie v. Blac feud, when a report broke that Tyga cheated on Kylie. Yes… the 17-year-old’s, 25-year-old loyal lover enjoyed a night of passion with someone who may have had a little bonus action. That’s because this alleged, ongoing side action is with Mia Isabella, a transsexual “model” and “actress.” Yes. Mia is a man who is possibly transgender, but most likely just a chick with a dirty little secret if you’re unsuspecting. If you’re into that, she’s quite a looker. All jokes aside, Mia has stated that a long time affair has existed between she and Tyga, even predating Kylie and venture into the days of Blac Chyna, and more and more reports are surfacing that Mia is going to expose Tyga if he doesn’t ‘fess up. Again. Allegedly.

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2. The Red Mercedes G-Wagon

Tyga grabbed Kylie a $115,000 Mercedes SUV for her 18th birthday last week, and had it custom painted in cherry red. This could make Blac Chyna’s brain explode. And by explode, it’s a suggestion she’ll be dropping photographic bombs via social media. Yes, this relationship between Tyga and Kylie was odd while she was underage, and the 18th birthday gift is elaborate, but Tyga explained it like this: “If I love her and I love her as a person, then that’s me.” We could attempt to decipher that, but it would be an exercise in futility. We think he’s saying, “Her parents didn’t have me arrested for statutory, so I’m cool…” Now, let’s take bets on how long it is until Kylie has wrecked this car somewhere in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood or driving down the PCH in Santa Monica or Malibu?

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1. It Only Seems to Be Warming Up

One good Instagram post deserves another, and that’s what this thing has been from the get-go. Blac Chyna will pose in something, and Kylie will match her bet, then raise her a bikini. Back and forth they go. We could break down the Instagram pics, but why spoil what you can see for yourself? Yes, Blac Chyna has posed with wax lips, and in things that she didn’t figure Kylie would attempt to match, but the 17 year old gets pretty darn close. It’s a little disturbing. Scratch that… a LOT disturbing. And again, who’s at the center of this? A dude who is signed by Young Money who is completely reliant on industry collaborations to put out music that anyone will listen to. So, what’s next for this feud? The two gals band together against Tyga, because of #2 on the list. It’s the way it always goes.


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