7 Reasons Kylie Jenner And Tyga’s Relationship Is Creepy

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Ever since we heard that Kylie Jenner was dating Tyga, we’ve been pretty disgusted. There’s just something about their relationship that isn’t right. One of the big things is the age difference – she’s still a teenager. Tyga obviously doesn’t have a problem with that. He goes on about his love for her on Instagram and even had her name tattooed on his arm. Kris Jenner obviously doesn’t have a problem with their relationship – she has let it go on for months and months – but we do and we doubt that we are the only ones. Here are 7 reasons why Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s relationship is totally creepy.

7. She Used to Babysit His Son

Before Kylie and Tyga became an item, she reportedly used to babysit his son, King Cairo. This was when he was still with Blac Chyna. Kylie still babysits for Tyga from time-to-time, but it’s a little different now given that they are in a semi-serious relationship.

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6. She Feels the Need to Fight with His Ex, Blac Chyna

Kylie has been in a social media war with Tyga’s ex Blac Chyna for months now. On Instagram, they post pictures wearing very similar outfits and they also post pictures of the gifts that Tyga has bought them, with little captions to one up the other. Kylie may have never actually attended high school, but she’s certainly in that mindset. She needs to know that fighting with the ex isn’t sexy and that it makes her look petty and insecure.


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5. She’s Obviously Not That Mature

Tyga may think that Kylie is more mature than most adults, but that’s probably because most of the adults that he hangs out with are really immature. While Kylie has definitely matured physically, she’s just as self-absorbed as any teenager. She spends hours in front of the mirror primping and, when she’s not primping, she’s taking hundreds of selfies. What mature adult has that kind of time?

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4. He Raps About Their Inappropriate Relationship

Tyga’s song “Pleazer” is reportedly about Kylie. While some people might take the track to be sultry and romantic, others will probably find it totally perverse. He’s basically bragging about bedding the 17-year-old, rapping that he was about “to catch a felony for it.” If that doesn’t disgust you, the rest of the track’s lyrics will. You can listen to the song here.

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3. He’s Using Her for Her Money

Kylie is just 17, but she’s thriving financially, especially in comparison to her 25-year-old boyfriend. Tyga is reportedly flat broke. He owes his landlord $124,000 in back rent, interest and court fees and his records aren’t selling. Now that Kylie bought herself a $2.7 million mansion in Calabasas many are thinking that Tyga is looking to move in, so he can sponge off of her.

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2. He’s Obviously Cheating

Back in April, Blac Chyna posted texts that she received from Tyga that showed that he wanted to get back together. Kylie seemed to believe that Blac faked the messages, so she continued dating Tyga. Now Mia Isabelle, a transgender model, is claiming that she’s been getting with the struggling rapper for three years now. To prove her case, she released texts and a picture of his manhood to the press. Tyga doesn’t deny that it’s him in the picture, but he is denying that he’s been hooking up with Mia. Yeah. Right.

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1. She Is Underage

Tyga is 25 and Kylie is just 17. We’re not sure when these two started dating, but it could have been when she was still 16. That sort of age gap is just not appropriate. We hate to say this, but Amber Rose was right for once – Kylie is WAY too young for Tyga. According to California law, she’s still a minor, which means what Tyga is doing with her is statutory rape.

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