8 Things You Didn’t Know About Julia Roberts And Danny Moder’s Relationship

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6. Tense Relationship with His Family

Initially, his family weren’t big fans of the Pretty Woman star because they all loved Danny’s first wife. It didn’t help that when Steimberg stalled her divorce with the cameraman and Julia went out in a shirt that read, “A Low Vera.” Danny’s dad didn’t like that. The family also blamed Danny’s mother’s death on the actress, claiming that her son’s collapsing marriage was more than she could bear. It took a little while, but Julia ended up winning them over after the couple’s wedding when they invited her to their vacation home in Big Bear.

Source: Closer Weekly


5. Tattoos with Each Other’s Initials

Three months before their wedding, the couple decided to get the other’s initials tattoo on their lower backs. She also had all three of her children’s names tattooed on her lower back. Looking back on the tattoos that she and Danny got together, she considers the decision idiotic because it was before they were even married.

Source: shemazing.net