6 Most Hated Soap Opera Couples

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There is nothing soap opera fans crave more than a love struck couple. Watching our favorite heroes and heroines fall in love, go on incredible adventures, and overcome adversity is what the land of soaps is all about. To balance out the couples we all love, there are also those soap opera couples fans hate, whether it is because they continually plot together and seek to destroy fan-favorite characters, or simply because they just aren’t a likely fit. Below is a list of the six most hated soap opera couples.

6. Lucy Coe and Alan Quartermaine – General Hospital

Digging deep into General Hospital’s (GH) history, there was a time when Lucy Coe was a bit of scheming gold digger and there was no bigger fortune in Port Charles to dig into than the Quartermaines. Essentially breaking up long-time married couple Alan and Monika Quatermaine, Lucy’s affair with Alan eventually turned into their marriage and most loyal GH fans cannot forget the memorable red wedding dress she donned during the ceremony when the two got hitched in 1990. Alas, the marriage did not stick, with Lucy eventually turning to on-again/off-again BFF, Scott Baldwin. The two had an affair, where Lucy got pregnant, but ended up having another miscarriage.

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5. Theresa Donovan and Brady Black – Days of Our Lives

While this Days of Our Lives (DOOL) couple met at an AA meeting and seemingly had a lot in common, their relationship was an unhealthy one from the get-go. Both Brady and Theresa come from established families in Salem, so it seems that they would be a natural fit for each other. However, Theresa’s scheming and lying, mixed in the Brady’s sobriety and anger management issues were never a good mix. Sure they had incredible chemistry and passion, but at the end of the day, their continued love-hate relationship was overwhelmingly toxic for the both of them, especially in the beginning. While there are still some feelings there, and with the recent return of their son Tate, there may be hope that this couple can turn from one of the most hated to supercouple status, but only if they both can focus on staying clean for their newly formed family.

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4. Gloria and Jeffrey Bardwell – Young and the Restless

These two are always up to one scheme or another in order to earn a buck. Jeffrey Bardwell came onto the Young and the Restless (Y&R) scene after his twin brother, District Attorney William Bardwell passed away. As Gloria was married to him before his death and stood to inherit his fortune, Jeffrey blackmailed her into marrying him. Blackmail eventually did turn into love, as these two scam artists clearly found their perfect partner in each other. Sure, they have had their ups and downs, but they do always end up back in each other’s arms, while generally doing something dastardly along the way. From getting pictures of a drunk Colleen Carlton exposing her breasts (for Victor Newman), to money-laundering schemes that involve Kevin — Gloria and Jeffrey can add some comic relief to the Y&R at times, but generally, they are bad news.

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3. Liesl Obrecht and Cesar Faison – General Hospital

A little bit of an unhealthy relationship to say the least. For decades, GH’s Cesar has claimed his undying love for super-spy agent (and all around heroine) Anna Devane. He’s made no secret of it, continually plotting to capture her, hold her hostage, and prove to her how much he loves her. Along his side from the get-go has been Liesl. Call it denial or having a ‘never give up attitude, she has helped Faison with countless schemes against Devane in his pursuit of her, including keeping Robin (Anna’s daughter) away from her when she thought she was dead. While they do share a child together, Britt Westbourne, and an incredible past — it seems that despite Liesl’s undying loyalty to Cesar, there is only one woman that has truly captured his heart over the years and nothing will ever change this.

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2. Vivian Alamain and Victor Kiriakis – Days of Our Lives

Over the years, Vivian Alamain has always had a thing for DOOL’s rich Greek billionaire, Victor Kiriakis. In fact, she stole fertilized eggs from Victor and his then-wife Kate, implanted them and gave birth to the couple’s son Phillip. She also tricked and blackmailed Victor into marrying her in 1995. They seemed like a potentially perfect match, as both characters loved to ruin people’s lives. However, in 2010, Victor grew a bit of conscience in the form of Maggie Horton when the two became close friends. At this point in time Vivian had returned to Salem after some time away and returned with her sights set on Victor. In an attempt to protect Carly Manning (and Melanie Jonas), Victor agreed to marry Vivian once again if she promised to stop plotting against the two. Alas she agreed, but couldn’t stick to the promise and thankfully they broke up leading Victor to return to his true love, Maggie.

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1. Sharon and Victor Newman – Young and the Restless

This couple can be classified under the category of most hated, repulsive, and down right just plain wrong! In 2012, a mentally ill Sharon fell vulnerable to the manipulative powers of Victor Newman (as most in Genoa City do) and married her father-in-law not once, but twice in one year. Yes, both marriages were eventually annulled, but the storyline outraged many long-time fans due to the unique father/daughter relationship Victor and Sharon had over the years. It also simply did not make any sense, as the two shared very little romance, chemistry, or real love together. Alas, the Shictor era is thankfully over; however, burned in the memories of Y&R fans everywhere are the kisses and affection both shared on-screen during this time. Yuck!

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