5 Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers (January 30)

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Calling all Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) fans! Wondering what will happen on your favorite soap this week? Wait no longer! Spoilers indicate that there will be tension and lots of it in the fashion world this week. Learn more about Ridge, Katie, Steffy, Rick, and of course Quinn, in the B&B spoilers for the week of January 30th.

5. Katie’s Questions Cause Trouble

Katie keeps asking a ton of questions and it is making Quinn both mad and nervous. Quinn doesn’t want anyone to find out that she kissed Ridge, and Katie’s questions are causing a ton of problems for her. Ridge steps in to try and erase Katie’s constant queries, but gets caught up in other business this week … with Eric.

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4. Eric’s Big News

Eric comes back from his Genoa City trip with some big news for Ridge. He believes that Quinn is correct and it is time to get past previous family conflict. Spoilers indicate that Ridge will apologize for not trusting Eric’s decisions. He led the brigade against Quinn and now he sees a softer side to her and he thinks she may really have changed. As such, Eric will lay the co-CEO role on the table for Ridge and he will accept it.

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3. Aftermath

While Eric believes Steffy could use Ridge’s help and Ridge is more than happy to accept the position, there will be those who aren’t so thrilled about this appointment at Forrester Creations. Thomas is one of them and Rick is another. Thomas will starting making bolder moves as his anger over the situation increases. Spoilers indicate that Rick will join Thomas in his devious plan in the near future.

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2. Liam Questions Quinn

Liam begins to think that Quinn is up to something this week and he doesn’t get a good feeling around the situation. He receives updates regarding Quinn and Forrester’s leadership changes and bells go off in his head. He seems to think that Quinn’s motives aren’t genuine and he believes this could mean trouble for the entire Forrester family. He feels something is off.

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1. More Spoilers!

Are Liam and Katie the only two who question Quinn? With Ridge changing heart on how he feels about her, Steffy may start to give her a chance. After all, she and Liam have been given another shot, so she might feel that Quinn deserves one as well … despite that fact that Liam is doubtful (about Quinn). Brooke may have some doubts too. While she’s currently in Italy with Hope, B&B spoilers reveal she’ll be in for quite the surprise when she returns to L.A.

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