11 Movies That Have Broken The Most Box Office Records

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There are movies that are popular money-makers, and then there are movies that are record-breakers. The movies on this list are both. Breaking multiple records, with some movies holding onto them for years and decades. You can’t help but be a little awed and impressed at the numbers these movies are able to top. From aliens and magic, war and nature, history to fantasy, the following movies may range the spectrum of storylines, but they are have the same thing in common in that they are the films that have broken the most records, from just three to a whopping 31! Yup, the number one movie on this list currently holds 31 records and you’ve probably seen it recently. Any guesses?

11. Showgirls (3 records)

You may be shocked to see Showgirls on this list since it wasn’t exactly Oscar-worthy and was slammed harshly by pretty much every critic out there, but the fact that it wasn’t so easy to see and couldn’t be seen by everyone is part of why it’s a multiple record-holder. The stripping movie was given a rating of NC-17 which meant that it could only be shown in certain theatres and that no one under the age of 17 could see the movie. Usually, this is a kiss of death for a movie, but Showgirls still managed to get picked up and seen by the maximum number possible which has resulted in it holding (and holding onto, since no NC-17 movie has managed the same feat since) 3 records including Rated NC-17 at $20,350,754; Widest Opening – NC-17 Rated at 1,388; and Widest Release – NC-17 Rated at 1,388.

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10. Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen (3 records)

Which Transformers movie was your favorite? If it’s the second one, then you’re not alone, that is, if records are any indication. The second of the film series starring Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel , Tyrese Gibson, and John Turturro, brought back the shape-shifting robot action and fans were more than willing to hand over their money to enjoy every second of it leading to multiple records for the film. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen currently holds 3 records including Non-Friday Opening Weekend at $108,966,307; Non-Opening Thursday at $29,094,472; and Non-Opening Friday at $36,740,666.

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9. Lion King (3 records)

Lion King may have come out way back in 1994, but it has managed to hold onto 3 records which is pretty darn impressive, especially for an animated movie. In the movie, Rafiki may have held up tiny baby Simba up for the world to see, but he might as well have been holding up giant bags of cash! You think a lovely bunch of coconuts is great?! Try a lovely bunch of world records! Lion King took the world by storm and had everyone singing it’s tunes which is why, to this day, it still holds the records for Rated G at $422,783,777; Top Opening Theater Average at $793,377; and Top Theater Average at $793,377.


8. American Sniper (4 records)

Topping Lion King’s 3 records, American Sniper currently holds 4 records of its very own. Directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Bradley Cooper as the sniper himself, the war-based film received both praise and critiques alike, both probably lending to the fact that it now holds the records for Winter Opening at $89,269,066; January Opening at $89,269,066; and Martin Luther King Opening at $107,211,457; and Widest Release – R Rated at 3,885.

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7. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (4 records)

Matching American Sniper’s 4 records is The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The second installment in The Hunger Games movies, fans were ready to flock to the theaters to catch the next step in Katniss’ epic story. Widely considered to be even better than the first film, Catching Fire helped to add to the massive overall success of the film franchise and currently holds the records for Holiday Opening at $158,074,286; November Opening at $158,074,286; Thanksgiving 3-day Weekend at $74,179,601; and Thanksgiving 5-day Weekend and $109,939,340.

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6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (4 records)

It really can’t be much of a surprise to see one of the Harry Potter Movies on this list. The only surprises maybe that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is the only one of the many Harry Potter movies to make the list and it only holds 4 records. Granted, that’s a lot in the grand scheme of things, but considering how popular anything to do with Harry Potter is, it would be easy to believe that each film could easily dominate each spot. Despite that that is not the way it is, we can still be impressed with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 currently holds the records for July Opening at $169,189,427; Single Day at $91,071,119; Opening Day at $91,071,119; and Friday Gross at $91,071,119.

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5. E.T. (5 records)

When E.T. came out in 1982, it swept audiences away with its heartwarming story line, talented young actors (seriously, how adorable was little Drew Barrymore?), and some awesome directing from Steven Spielberg. Immediately becoming a Hollywood classic, it has managed to hold onto an impressive 5 of it records even so many years later. Still holding onto records for Most Weekends at #1 at 16 weeks; Most Weekends in the top Top 5 at 27 weeks; Most Weekends in the Top 5 – Consecutive at 27 weeks; Most Weekends in the Top 10 at 44 weeks; and Most Weekends in the Top 10 – Consecutive at 35 weeks, E.T. may want to phone home, but he did just fine here on Earth.


4. Titanic (6 records)

Titanic may have told the story of an epic disaster in history, but is was anything but a disaster in theaters. The movie, which was massive from production to presentation, didn’t fail to enthrall and entertain fans who bought tickets in droves and helped the movie nab the 6 records it still holds today, including the records for Eighth Weekend ($23,027,838), Ninth Weekend ($28,167,947), Tenth Weekend ($21,036,343), Eleventh Weekend ($19,633,056), and Twelfth Weekend ($17,605,849). It also has snagged Most Weekends at #1 – Consecutive at 15 weeks.

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3. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (8 records)

After 2008’s Twilight and 2009’s New Moon came 2010’s Eclipse, continuing to indulge fans of the wildly popular vampire movies, hitting them with movie after movie in quick succession. A tactic that definitely worked, Eclipse is arguably the most popular of the entire series considering it’s the only one on this list and it holds a whopping 8 records including Opening Wednesday ($68,533,840), Wednesday Gross ($68,533,840), Widest Opening (4,468), Widest Release (4,468), Wideset Independent Opening   (4,468), Widest Independent Release (4,468), Widest Opening – PG-13 Rated (4,468), and Widest Release – PG-13 Rated (4,468).

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2. Avatar (9 records)

James Cameron already has his name on this list with his classic movie, Titanic, but that’s not enough for the dominate Hollywood director. With Avatar in the mix, Cameron created an entirely new world and brought audiences along with him into a fantasy adventure. In doing so, he managed to get another of his films firmly on this list with 9 records including Domestic ($760,507,625), Worldwide ($2,787,965,087), Rated PG-13 ($760,507,625), Third Weekend ($68,490,688), Fourth Weekend ($50,306,217), Fifth Weekend ($42,785,612), Sixth Weekend ($34,944,081), Seventh Weekend ($31,280,029), and New Year’s Day ($25,274,008).

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1. Jurassic World (31 records)

When Jurassic Park was first introduced the world, audiences were in awe of the dinosaurs that really, truly seemed to come to life on screen. It was a magical experience that was brought back to life this past year with Jurassic World. The dinosaurs were bigger, the action was more intense, and it had Chris Pratt in it, so, yeah, all around awesome! It smashed records all over the place and currently holds a grand 31 records! If you’re a super-keener and want to know each and every one, take a deep breath and read on. Jurassic World currently holds multiple opening weekend records, monthly openings, gross profits, fastest earning and many, many more.

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