10 Ways Jennifer Lopez Is Still Sizzling At 46

From her days as a back-up dancer to her years at center-stage, at 46-years-old Jennifer Lopez is as hot as ever. As her career gets bigger and bigger, she seems to be getting younger and younger. Stress from failed romances and raising twins doesn’t seem to get to J.Lo as she handles everything in stride and does it all looking absolutely amazing. She may still be Jenny from the block, but here are 10 ways that Jennifer Lopez is still sizzling at 46.

10. Serious Style

Jennifer Lopez has made headlines more than once with her bold fashion choices, from the infamous low-cut green Versace silk chiffon dress that she wore to the 42nd Grammy Awards ceremony (which has been shown in museums and literally inspired Google images) to the cut-out & sheer Bao Tranchi piece she recently wore to her 46th birthday celebration, JLo can rock some serious style. But it’s not only on the red-carpet that she manages to wow us. Her street-style is nearly as epic and take a peek at her on vacation. Topical bliss!

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9. Hot-As-H*ll Hair

JLo’s locks could light a fire they’re so flaming hot! Regularly switching it up from medium-length to lusciously long and always with just the right tints and highlights, Jennifer Lopez hasn’t wavered at all when it comes to her crowning glory. Whether she’s sporting a super-straight look or cruising along with curled ends, she always makes a statement with her heavenly hair.

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8. Make-Up On Point

Having as much fun with her make-up as she does with the rest of her remarkable style, Jennifer Lopez ranges her look from light daytime shades of pinks and bronzes then switches it up for nighttime with dark-lined eyes with a smoky, sultry edge and lips that are boldly done with the deepest reds.

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7. Sultry Stems

Years of dance have definitely not gone to waste when it comes to the incredible stems that JLo is flashing. Toned and sleek, her legs deserve their own “day-um, girl!” One can only assume the short dresses are chosen with strategic care to show of those spectacular stems.

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6. Blazing Belly

Jennifer Lopez may be 46 and a mama to two gorgeous kiddos, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t fiercely chiselled and that includes her incredible abs. Torso-twists (with a medicine ball while holding a sustained lunge) and of course eating well has resulted in a body that has her at the top of every hot-bod list. Flashing some serious belly muscles even when just hanging with the family (granted, for a PEOPLE photoshoot), JLo’s six-pack is as sizzling as ever.

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5. Hips & Booty

Back in the day, Jennifer Lopez’s stardom launched a new era of curvy-hip and ample-backside appreciation. At 46 and with an imposing workout routine, JLo hasn’t lost any of the booty that made such an impression. Regularly sharing pics of her popular posterior, Jennifer Lopez can back-that-thang-up with the best of ‘em!

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4. Luscious Latina

Proud of her Puerto Rico roots, Jennifer Lopez has been participating in parades holding up her flag and dancing along with the cultural beats for years (or sending a shout-out when she’s unable to attend) and at 46 is just as active as ever in the lively Latino community.

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3. Explosive Moves

Jennifer Lopez got her start in the business as a dancer and has used those moves to her full advantage throughout the years. At 46-years-old, she hasn’t lost any of her explosive energy or sizzling steps and still regularly takes her scorching moves to the stage.

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2. Fiery Attitude

Take one look at the fierce gaze Jennifer Lopez blazes at every camera and you’ll see she hasn’t lost any of the spark that took her to the top. Years in the biz and becoming a mama to two little ones hasn’t calmed this fiery lady one bit. Just follow her on Instagram to get a regular dose of her fierce, formidable, and completely fabulous attitude.

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1. Enduringly Hot

Jennifer Lopez started in the business way back in 1986 while still in her last year of high school. She auditioned and got her first role in the low-budget film My Little Girl. But her big breaks first came in 1991 when she was hired as a backup dancer for the New Kids on the Block and then landed the prime gig as a Fly Girl on the popular 90’s show In Living Color. She went on to tackle a number of mostly-forgettable roles until she starred in 97’s brilliant biopic Selena. It wasn’t long until she became a pop-superstar with her first album On The 6, and from there she’s just continued with the (not always awesome) film roles and (usually awesome) club-shaking albums. Recently appearing as a judge on the still wildly popular American Idol just shows how much Jennifer Lopez has come to be a lasting star and respected member of the enduring Hollywood elite.


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