Jennifer Lopez’s 7 Worst Red Carpet Looks: What Was She Thinking?

Jennifer Lopez has always been known for having an incredible body. She has never really been your typical stick-thin starlet. Instead, she has curves and lots of them. The only problem we have is with her style. Sometimes it seems like she doesn’t know how to dress for her body. She either shows way too much skin or tries to hide her figure in some billowy dress made of sateen. Neither look is flattering. We wish she could find a better way of showing off her curves without having to resort to showing too much skin or hiding her body in a potato sack. Here are some of Lopez’s ugliest red carpet styles! All we really want to know is what she was thinking when she put these things on?

Premiere of Monster-in-Law – 2005

Jennifer Lopez arrived at the premiere of “Monster-in-Law” wearing this billowy dress that looks like it was made out of sateen. It isn’t really that revealing; however, with the way it falls on her chest, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. There is nothing flattering about this dress. Everything about it is awful. It looks like a sack because it has absolutely no shape. She obviously spends hours working on her body, so why would she wear something that completely covers it up?

At this point, Lopez was married to Marc Anthony. She literally hooked up with him right after she and Ben Affleck called it quits. Many thought that this looked more like a rebound relationship given her history with men. It seems like once she shacked up with Anthony, she started oscillating between sexy fashion choices and much more conservative styles, much like this mess of a dress.

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Premiere of The Pursuit of Happyness – 2006

The “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” singer dressed herself like Princess Leia at the premiere of “The Pursuit of Happyness.” She wore this cream-colored, high-collared, long-sleeved, floor-grazing sateen dress. One would have thought that she was pregnant and that is why she was covering up her body; however, that wasn’t the case. We blame Marc Anthony for these awful style choices. She didn’t dress like this before she hooked up with him.

Jennifer Lopez was reportedly trying to get pregnant at this point. This doesn’t necessarily help explain why she was dressing like this. She was obviously not pregnant, but she was dressing like she might be expecting. For a woman who has built her career around her sex appeal, this isn’t good. She is dressing like a nun, which can only mean one thing – Anthony was probably controlling what she was wearing. The singer we know and love is a huge fan of showing skin and lots of it.

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Just Cavalli Flagship Store Grand Opening Party – 2007

For the Just Cavalli flagship store launch party, the “Waiting for Tonight” singer rocked another ill-fitting sateen dress. Everything about this dress just sucks. It doesn’t have any real shape and the pattern is God-awful. In fact, it looks like a belted muumuu. We’re going to assume that it is a Roberto Cavalli dress because it is his store opening that she’s attending. This makes us think that he obviously doesn’t like her. Why else would he design a dress for her that looks like this?

Around this time, Jennifer Lopez was finally pregnant after months of trying. She had started dressing in billowy, muumuu-type dresses months before the announcement, which had everyone assuming that she was expecting. It took her and Marc Anthony another couple of months, however, to finally announce that the rumors were true and that they were going to have a baby. Her father later confirmed that she was expecting twins and that it runs in the family.

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American Idol Finale – 2011

Jennifer Lopez rocked this nude, sparkly Michael Kors jumpsuit at the American Idol Finale. It looks very much like the outfit that Britney Spears wore during her performance at the 2000 MTV VMAs. Her outfit was nude and sparkly and consisted of a bra and pants. It caused quite the outrage. Many thought that it was too revealing. We think Spears’ version of this outfit was way cuter. The shape of JLo’s isn’t as flattering. The only thing that looks really good is her hair.

At this point, Lopez and Marc Anthony were still pretending that things were okay between them. They had renewed their vows the year before on their sixth wedding anniversary, which should have been a good sign. Rumor has it that the marriage started to crack because of Anthony’s financial issues. Several months before they announced that they were separating, the IRS was after him for unpaid taxes. Jenny from the Block has lavish tastes, so being with a man who has money problems probably isn’t a good fit.

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Capital Summertime Ball – 2011

The “Jenny from the Block” singer was wearing a bit too much snakeskin at the Capital Summertime Ball. She coupled this dress with some over-the-knee boots. The results aren’t great. We totally get that she wants to show off her bod, but would it kill her not double up on patterns? If she wore boots that were just one color and didn’t have the snakeskin, she would have looked much better. It is just way too busy the way it is.

Jennifer Lopez was getting her groove back right about now. She was starting to dress in all the revealing things that we have come to expect. We definitely think that Marc Anthony was influencing her fashion during the relationship. When they were really solid, she sported more frumpy-looking dresses. As the marriage disintegrated, however, her style changed again. It was like she wanted to be seen as this sexy singer with a killer body.

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Premiere of What To Expect When You’re Expecting – 2012

Just when we thought that Jennifer Lopez was turning the sexy back on, she showed up at the premiere of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” wearing this frumpy gown. This Maria Lucia Hohan gown looks more like a bathrobe than a dress. JLo looks best when she highlights her curves and this dress just doesn’t do it.

It had almost been a year since Lopez split from her husband of seven years, Marc Anthony. She didn’t waste a lot of time being single. She quickly hooked up with one of her backup dancers, a 24-year-old by the name of Casper Smart. While insiders said that he was meant to be just a fun fling, it turned into a two and a half year relationship. That’s a pretty long rebound! We’re not exactly sure how Anthony felt about this. He had a history of being jealous and possessive and this might have been a huge shot to his ego.

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American Music Awards – 2014

The actress-singer showed way too much skin at the American Music Awards in 2014. She donned this pale pink Reem Acra Spring 2015 dress, which exposed quite a bit of her stomach. We get it JLo – you have fantastic abs. Can you put it all away now, please? It is hard to believe that the woman wearing this revealing dress is the same woman who rocked all of those billowy muumuus.

We’re glad that Jennifer Lopez is still able to be really sexy in her 40s; however, we wish there was a more tasteful way for her to do it. She loves her cutouts and showing a lot of skin, but she also likes hiding everything in a silk sack dress. Can’t there be a happy medium? She has the kind of body that can still look sexy without showing that much. She just needs a better stylist to show her how to do it.

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