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She’s played Sharon Newman on the Young and the Restless (Y&R) for over two decades now, and while her character can be a little flaky and crazy at times, Sharon Case seems anything but. She’s beautiful, talented, and has made a tremendous impact in the world of daytime drama. There’s a whole other side to Case that fans have not seen before. Below are things you may not know about the Y&R’s Sharon Case!

10. Dancer At Heart

Case was born in Detroit, Michigan, but grew up in Chatsworth, California, and loved to dance as a child. During her younger years, she devoted a tremendous amount of time into dance, focusing on jazz and ballet. One would think she’d grow up and pursue a career as a dancer, but clearly Sharon Case was meant for a life in the land of soaps!

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9. Modeling Career

Sharon Case modeled as a teenager. She has been noted in the past as saying it allotted her a good start into the business. When Case was only 17, she was approached by a scout at a modeling event. She was given a modeling gig in Japan and traveled the country for about five months. She then returned to LA and dove into the land of soap operas.

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8. Other Soap Opera Roles

Can anyone imagine Case in any daytime drama roles other than the Y&R’s Sharon Newman? There was a point in time that she did appear on some other soap operas, but these parts were very minor. In 1989, she made her daytime drama debut by playing Dawn Winthrop on General Hospital for about a year and would move on to play Debbie Simon on As the World Turns in 1992 for one year as well.

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7. Longest-Reigning Sharon

In 1994, Case would start playing the legendary soap opera role that has made her famous. Interestingly enough, while many Y&R fans may think she originated the role, as she’s been playing the role for so long, that is not actually the case. There were two Sharons prior to her who were let go within months. One was Heidi Mark and the other was Monica Potter. Both actresses would only play Sharon for two months a piece and then Case entered the role and has simply run with it.

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6. No Nudes

Case sometimes has to don skimpy outfits, swimwear, or lingerie for her Y&R Sharon role, but nude scenes are something she has opted out of in the past. She was once approached for the lead in an HBO flick called Breast Men but turned it down because the part required her to be topless. She ended up taking a smaller role in the film as it meant no nudie scenes.

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5. FHM Cover Girl

Speaking of skimpy outfits, Sharon Case was given the honor of being the first daytime drama actress to don the FHM cover in late 2001. The men’s lifestyle mag spotlighted several other soap opera actresses in their December issue that year, but Case was given the title of cover girl for that issue. Quite an accomplishment!

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4. Primetime Stints

Case is a soap opera darling, but has also played quite a few roles on primetime television. Some of the shows she’s appeared on in a guest starring role include Doogie Howser M.D., Beverly Hills 90210, Diplomatic Immunity, Cheers, Silk Stalkings, and Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. She also had a regular stint on the primetime drama Valley of the Dolls.

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3. Life Imitates Art

Sharon Newman has struggled with finding the perfect man over the years, and she’s never really nailed the entire marriage concept. Sadly, Case has seen her fair share of heartache too. She was married to Sandy Corzine, a businessman, in the spring of 2007. Unfortunately, the marriage ended in divorce by November 2009.


2. More Than Just An Actress

While Case has quite an acting resume, she decided to venture off into something different in early 2010, launching her own jewelry line called Pomp. She worked alongside BFF, Elif Inanc, who also happens to be a fashion designer, and they created jewelry options that were not only affordable, but could be worn for differing occasions by a variety of women who share different fashion tastes. Wonder if Sharon Newman ever wore any of these pieces?

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1. Her Thoughts On Shictor

When Sharon Newman hooked up with her father-in-law Victor some years ago, most Y&R fans were appalled. The two characters had shared a unique father-daughter relationship in the past and the two coming together romantically turned audiences off. Well, they weren’t the only ones not pleased. Case was noted as saying she was not happy with the love story and thought it to be borderline incestuous. Thank goodness Shictor is a thing of the past!

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