10 Things You Didn’t Know About Florida Georgia Line

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Making it big in the music industry is a struggle many musicians and artists know too well, and the rise of country music superstars Florida Georgia Line is truly inspiring. Hit after hit after hit keeps coming from Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard, who formed the incredibly popular group, marking their places in country music history quickly, and no matter what track they put out it climbs the charts with ease. Their breakout song “Cruise” had more than 65 million plays on Spotify and even sparked a remix with rapper Nelly, transforming the country music scene. In a very short time FGL has risen to the ranks of stardom alongside country’s biggest stars like Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan. Since they burst onto the scene so quickly and with such dominance there is probably a lot of info you didn’t know about these two country singing sensations known as Florida Georgia Line.

10. Band Name

As can be assumed, the simplicity of the name Florida Georgia Line came from the fact that Brian is from Florida and Hubbard is from Georgia, representing both home states. Before FGL was decided upon, however, they considered calling themselves Orange Peach, which of course represents the fruits each state is famous for. Definitely does not have the same ring to it.

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9. Home Roots

Kelley’s father is actually the current mayor of Ormond Beach, Florida and, as such, heavily supports his son’s success. FGL has gone back to both men’s hometowns to shoot music videos, paying respect to their roots and showing appreciation to the towns that showed them never ending support.

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8. Met at University

Kelley and Hubbard were both attending Belmont University when they were introduced by a roommate. After finding their common interest in music, they began writing songs, beginning the phenom of FGL.

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7. Label Themselves As “Bro-Country”

In recent years, country music has become less twang and more mainstream with a blending of genres. While hardcore music fans don’t like this change, it has also catapulted the popularity of country music with FGL as one of the frontrunners of the mixed genres with something they call “Bro-Country.” They acknowledge that their biggest influences are rap and hip-hop and have included rap style in their country songs and have of course done the re-mix with Nelly.

6. Both Love To Give Back

They may be superstars, but both men have huge hearts. Tyler Hubbard worked as a youth leader for his church in the past and both are spokesmen for the Outnumber Hunger campaign, which brings meals to those in need. They often cite their faith-based upbringings as giving them the values they maintain both in their public and personal lives. Unfortunately, they are also both taken. Kelley married wife Brittney in December 2013, and Hubbard married his wife Hayley in July, 2o15.

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5. “Cruise” Makes History

Their first single “Cruise” made a statement in a BIG way. Their first studio album featuring the hit, “Here’s To The Good Times,” was the sixth best-selling album of 2013 while “Cruise” became the best-selling country digital song of all time AND it sat at No. 1 on the Hot Country Songs chart for 24 weeks, giving it the longest reign on the chart, which dates back to 1944.

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4. Both Love Shopping

Their style isn’t typically country either as fans have noticed, and both admit to spending quite a few of their dollars on clothes and accesories. Kelley says he is more into clothes while Hubbard is all about jewlery. “Belt buckles, chains, rings… gotta have a little bling,” Hubbard told Buzzfeed.

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3. Brian Kelley Has An Epic Country Home

Of course, their country roots do show and never more so than with Brian Kelley’s house. While a lot of other celebrities blow money on L.A. mansions and flashy cars, Kelley used some of his earning to create an incredible retreat in the woods, complete with a gorgeous modern treehouse.

2. Worth $50 Million

It has only been three years since the duo released their first album, but with five hits, money poured in and hasn’t stopped with their second studio album “Anything Goes,” earning the two a net worth of a whopping $50 million this early in their career.

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1. Brian Kelley Was Going To Play Pro Baseball

There never would have been a Florida Georgia Line making country music history if Brian Kelley had gone with his first dream. As it turns out, he was one heck of a pitcher in baseball, earning a scholarship to Florida State University along with the probability of getting drafted by the Florida Marlins. However, after doing more bench sitting than playing he moved to Belmont University where was he met Hubbard.

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