10 Most Overrated Movies Since 1990

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Many people believe the term “overrated movie” is synonymous with “bad movie.” But that’s emphatically not the case. Indeed, as the following relatively-recent films demonstrate, overrated movies often have laudable qualities. It’s just that, for whatever reason, critics and audiences chose to celebrate them out of all proportion.

Note that the box-office numbers cited below reflect American totals.

Here are the 10 movies we consider the most overrated since 1990:

1. “Titanic” (1997)

RottenTomatoes Score: 88%

“Titanic” grossed an astonishing $658 million and won the Best Picture Oscar. And it certainly represents effective moviemaking: The sinking sequences are extremely realistic. But it’s puzzling why director James Cameron focuses on an overwrought, made-up love triangle when he could have told a true story about passengers aboard that doomed ship.



2. “Forrest Gump” (1994)

RottenTomatoes Score: 71%

Much of “Forrest Gump” is goofy fun; it’s delightful to watch Tom Hanks’s simple-minded hero interact with historical figures. Thus, that this Best Picture Oscar-winner grossed nearly $330 million is unsurprising. But the movie’s story is ultimately shallow; many scenes are cartoonish.

Forrest Gump