10 Celebrities With The Biggest Instagram Followings

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Instagram is one of today’s most popular social media platforms and is definitely an easy platform to get sucked into with its endless infinity scroll of perfectly curated photographs. Instagram allows followers an insider look at their favorite celebrities daily lives, which was a realm we previously had minimal access to before the era of social media. Whether followed for their glamorous on-location settings, adorable family portraits or killer fashion sense, a few celebrities are shining stars on the Instagram platform and continue to welcome million of followers to their ever-growing accounts. Follow along below for the top 10 celebrity Instagram accounts in 2017:

10. Kendall Jenner — 82 million

TV personality turned model Kendall Jenner is notorious for sharing artsy fashion shots alongside gal pals Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin on many occasions. Her Instagram is filled with the latest trends and Jenner loves to share exclusive photos from her recent campaigns and magazine shoots, which definitely deems her worthy of her large following!

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9. Justin Bieber — 89 million

Child heartthrob turned music sensation Justin Bieber earned himself a large following of “beliebers” on Instagram. His fans of mostly teenage girls prove to be extremely loyal and have followed him through his significant music shift from teeny-bop anthems like “Baby” to his more mature sound on his latest album Purpose. Justin loves to share photos of himself with fans, showing off his luxury wheels and unique fashion sense.

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