10 Things You Didn’t Know About General Hospital Star Billy Miller

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He currently plays the handsome, yet serious, Jason Morgan on General Hospital (GH), has done some stints on primetime television, and is one of the best things about daytime drama right now. Billy Miller is talented, charming, good looking, and wows soap opera audiences on any show he is on. But, there is oh so much more to this incredible actor. Below are 10 things you may not know about actor Billy Miller.

10. He’s a Texan

While Miller was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he’s a raised Texan boy, spending his childhood in Grand Prairie. An only son, he has two sisters and also happens to be the middle child. He went to high school in Texas and graduated with a communications degree from the University of Texas. While Miller resides in Hollywood now, thanks to his GH stint, he’s clearly a Texas boy through and through.

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9. Spent Years In Hospital As A Child

No soap opera viewer likes it when a child character has to be in a hospital, but that was a reality for little Billy Miller growing up. He was a patient at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children for several years, and in an interview with ABC, Miller recalls a memory of watching GH while laid up at the hospital. Sadly, Miller suffered from a rare condition that is known as tarsal coalition, an illness that hit his ankles’ cartilage.

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