Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (September 30, 2019)

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Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! Time for another solid week of drama in everyone’s favorite little soap opera town! What should viewers expect in the coming days? Chelsea will be upset with Nick; Devon points the finger at Cane; and some more unexpected news coming down the pipe! Learn about these storylines and others in the Y&R spoilers for the week of September 30, 2019.

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9. Devon’s World Turns Upside Down

Y&R spoilers tease that Devon’s world just may come crumbling down this coming week. Could it be that someone finds a loophole around his inheritance, and his money gets taken away? That could easily do it. It also could mean that someone unexpected is behind the entire thing, which would have Devon reeling.

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8. Cane Accused

Could Cane be behind the Hilary-lookalike lawyer who is contesting of Devon’s inheritance? He was technically part of the family before Katherine passed away. Regardless, Y&R spoilers hint that Devon will accuse Cane of something in the coming days, and if Ashby is behind all this, he may be hitting an all-time low.

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7. Jill Clears Things Up

Y&R spoilers suggest that Jill will work hard next week to clear up some misconceptions. If Cane is contesting Katherine’s will, then she may be quite upset that he’s stepped forward in this fashion. After all, she’s treated him like a son all these year, but that may not mean he’s entitled to Kay’s fortune. Alas, this teaser also could have to do with Billy, and perhaps she’s defending his recent mental health issues to someone who simply does not get it.

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6. Phyllis’ World

First and foremost, Red will be rather intrigued by Cane’s actions this week, so there is a good chance he could be behind Devon’s inheritance storyline. After all, Phyllis always gravitates to money and opportunity. As the days go by, Y&R spoilers reveal that momma bear will stand up for Summer at some point.

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5. Nick Has News

Y&R spoilers indicate that Nick will drop some unexpected news this week that will have everyone taken aback. Could this be in regard to Victor? Is there yet another twist to the storyline? How could it affect his relationship with Chelsea? Might not be good news for Nick by the end of the week.

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4. Chelsea’s Upset

Speaking of, Y&R spoilers indicate that Chelsea will not be happy with Nick in the coming days. It could be about Victor being alive and trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes, or it could be about something else. These two are teetering right now, and the couple may not last the long haul.

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3. Chelsea Turns To Kevin

In fact, Nick may have Chelsea so upset that she is triggered to turn to the dark side again, with her con-artist ways! It seems like that could be the case, as Y&R spoilers suggest that Chelsea will enlist Kevin for some help in laundering her inheritance from Calvin. This could turn ugly.

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2. Nikki’s In The Driver’s Seat

With all that is going on right now with the Newmans, matriarch Nikki might be feeling vulnerable; however, Y&R spoilers state that she’ll get back in the driver’s seat next week. In fact, teasers relay that she’ll decide to take control of a situation, which may mean that Adam finally gets put in his place.

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1. Adam Is Challenged

Y&R spoilers reveal that Adam will meet his equal this coming week. Could it be in the form of a schemer? Does this mean that Victor will reveal himself? Could it be Nikki who challenges her stepson? Either way, Adam may feel a bit intimated by the situation, so it should be interesting to see how this all unfolds.

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