Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (November 9, 2020)

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Will Adam go through with his “plan” against Newman Towers? Will Chelsea be found? What kind of trouble can Phyllis get into this week? Time to get some answers about what is set to unravel over the next five days in the land of Genoa City! As such, below are some Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for the week of November 9, 2020.

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9. Adam Tries To Conceal

Y&R spoilers reveal that Adam will do all he can to cover his tracks. This might have to do with his plan for Newman Towers or his kidnapping of Chelsea. Either way, he won’t want anyone to follow the trail back to him, so he’ll be working hard to keep his future actions concealed.

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8. Chance Looking For Clues

While Adam continues to work on his Newman Towers plot in the coming days, Y&R spoilers also indicate that Chance will be desperate to find any clues around Chelsea’s disappearance. In other related teasers, expect to see more of “young” Adam and “flashbacks” of the past with actor Dane West making another appearance on November 11 and 12 as 11-year-old Adam.

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7. Lauren Blindsides

They’ve been so chummy as of late, but expect things to turn ugly between Jack and Lauren in the coming days. Y&R spoilers imply that Jack will be blindsided in the coming days by Lauren, as Fenmore hopes to gain the upper hand on him. Could this be why Brittany Hodges, played by actress Lauren Woodland, is set to return on November 13th? Maybe!

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6. Theo’s Fight

Jack is sure to have his hands full next week! Y&R spoilers state that Theo will present the Abbotts with a lawsuit this week, so Brittany could be returning to represent him or the Abbott family. Added teasers indicate that Vanderway is looking for a big piece of Dina’s fortune, which will leave her legacy in jeopardy. After all, Traci, Ash, and Jack were hoping to donate a good chunk of that money to some well-deserved charities.

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5. Phyllis Tries To Help

Across town, Phyllis will seemingly get involved in Faith’s situation. Y&R spoilers suggest that she’ll fall upon some information and will try to take control over a situation that arises. Red will have good intentions; however, this could spell bad news for the Phick reunion, as Faith may not like Phyllis nosing around in her business. Nick may not either.

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4. Paul’s News

Y&R spoilers state that Paul will have major news to drop on Victor in the coming days. Teasers hint that this will be unsettling information around a “vengeful” plan that has been found. Could this be about Adam’s plan for Newman Towers? With that said, it doesn’t seem as if Paul will be able to connect the dots to Adam, but Victor could.

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3. Sharon’s Broken Promise

Y&R spoilers imply that a broken promise by Sharon will cause some massive drama. Could this be something directed towards Rey or Adam? Could she find out about Newman’s plan and turn him in? In other Adam news (he’s all over the place this week), he’ll run into some issues with the cops this week. He’ll be scrambling to keep causing trouble without getting caught.

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2. Elena’s Choice

Speaking of getting caught, Y&R spoilers indicate that Elena will admit to something this week, so she could crumble and confess that she has feelings for Nate. There’s a good chance she turns to new bestie Lola to confide in. Added teasers hint that she’ll have a choice to make. So, will it be Devon or Hastings? Only time will tell!

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1. Devon and Amanda

Will it even matter to Devon if Elena chooses him or Nate? Y&R spoilers relay that Amanda and Hamilton will continue to spend time together in the coming days. In fact, as Amana searches for answers about her history, Devon will be at her side to offer support. He’ll be far too busy to care what Elena is up to.

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