Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (March 9, 2020)

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Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! Time to take a sneak peek into what will happen next week! Someone makes a power move while two former foes bond. Also, another character is holding something back. Learn about these storylines and others in the Y&R spoilers for the week of March 9, 2020.

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9. Power Move

According to Y&R spoilers, Victor will make a power move early on in the week. He’s already agreed to make Adam CEO of Newman, but does he change his mind in the coming days? In other related teasers, Adam and his motives will be questioned while Chelsea will start making plans for the future.

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8. Nikki’s Comfort Zone

Y&R spoilers indicate Nikki will do something outside of her comfort zone this week. Could this mean she helps Sharon deal with her condition? Other teasers relay that Sharon and Nikki will bond, so perhaps Nikki goes above and beyond. Additionally, Nikki will be worried about Victoria in the coming days.

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7. Jill’s Got A Plan

Y&R spoilers indicate that Jill has a plan that she’s keeping under wraps. Could this involve trying to get Billy and Victoria back together? She’s always been a fan of the couple, so it wouldn’t be overly far fetched to think that she may have something up her sleeve to reunite these two.

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6. Billy Taken Aback

Speaking of, Billy will be taken aback by something his mom does this week. Is this all part of her hush-hush plan? Could it be that she just ask to meet Amanda or have her over, or is this about business? Could she even let go of the idea around him working at Chancellor, or push it even more? Whatever she is up to, Billy won’t be expecting it!

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5. Billy and Amanda

Y&R spoilers suggest that Billy and Amanda will spend some time together in the coming days. She’ll finally get a full night’s sleep next week when Billy sleeps by her side, holding her the entire night. Interestingly enough, something pretty major happens between the two of them when they wake up the next morning.

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4. Breakfast & The Realization

Y&R spoilers tease that after Amanda and Billy wake up from their sleep, the two will enjoy some breakfast together, and then kiss. After the fact, it seems as if Billy comes to a realization. Could it be that the kiss sparks some real emotions for him, or does the entire situation make him miss Victoria that much more?

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3. Devon Gets To Work

Y&R spoilers hint that Devon will start to work hard on building up his empire. Finally getting his fortune back, he’ll be eager to put that money to work and continue on the path he once was on. Devon is motivated, so it won’t be long before he enjoys the fruits of his labor.

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2. Nick and Phyllis

It seems like those promises this week around not hooking back up was all just talk! As per Y&R spoilers for the coming days, it seems as if Phyllis and Nick will share another encounter, and fans should expect those sparks to fly! They hooked up in this past Friday’s episode, and by mid-to-late next week, it seems they may do it all over again.

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1. Chance’s World

Meanwhile across town, Chance may be in deep waters. Y&R spoilers seem to hint that Phyllis will take a hard stance with him by week’s end. Is there any way she could’ve figured out that he and Abby snuck into her room? Either way, it seems as if she won’t be too pleased with something he’s done, and she’ll let him know about it.

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