Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (January 14, 2019)


This week on the Young And The Restless (Y&R), the fallout from Nikki’s bombshell confession will undoubtedly also affect Victoria, Sharon and Phyllis, but will this finally be the end of the road for the Coven? Also, now that Mia knows Rey spent a night with Sharon alone in a motel room, she will put him to the test and Nick and Victor call a truce. Read below for more Y&R spoilers for the week of January 14, 2019.

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9. Phyllis Stirs The Pot

Phyllis will enlighten Victoria with some information she was unaware of this week.  She will tell Vicky that the only reason Billy is interested in getting back together with her is because she rejected him recently when he suggested they get back together. Hopefully, Victoria’s response will be another hard slap! After hearing this from Phyllis, Vicky will then be left wondering if she’s Billy’s second choice. Then again, Victoria would have every right to ask Phyllis how she feels about being Nick’s second choice, after he begged Sharon to get back together with him? But could this new information about Billy send her straight into Cane’s arms? And rumor has it, Billy will be out for revenge this week. Will he find out about Phyllis stirring the pot with Victoria?

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8. Cane Visits Lily In Prison

Speaking of Cane, spoilers show he will pay Lily a visit this week. After receiving the earnest and heartfelt letter from his wife last week, he has begun to realize how far they’ve drifted apart. He’s hoping that meeting face to face will help them bond, but it looks like the visit will take an unforeseen turn. Will Lily tell him she wants to end their marriage, or will Cane end up telling Lily he kissed another woman?

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7. Spellbinding Siren

Mia was more than willing to cross the line with her husband’s brother Arturo last week, when she thought Rey was cheating on her. Arturo and Mia sure looked cozy together, snuggling under the blanket while they tried to stay warm, all while Abby lovingly looked at her boyfriend Arturo’s contact photo on her phone. Arturo seemed almost spellbound by Mia as he held her in his arms, and the pair came very close to kissing, until Arturo suddenly snapped out of it. Will Arturo and Mia be tempted by each other again this week?

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6. Mia Tests Rey

Now that Mia knows Rey spent a night with Sharon in a motel room, she will put him to the test. She already knows Rey kept the truth from her initially when he called to say he wouldn’t be home because of car trouble but withheld one juicy detail – that he wasn’t alone. She will subtly interrogate him, under the guise that she was very worried about him. Mia will keep what she knows to herself, hoping that Rey will tell her the truth and finally admit that Sharon was with him. It looks like a rocky road ahead for Mia and Rey this week.

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5. Neil’s Homecoming

Neil returns to the Y&R this week and will reunite with son Devon and stepson Nate. Spoilers are indicating he will be worried about Devon’s sister Ana. Does he know Ana’s secret, that she wrote Fen’s song but is keeping this information from Devon? And speaking of Fen, he will spend some much-needed quality time with his father Michael this week.

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4. Under Pressure

The pressure on Nikki is mounting and although Phyllis stopped her just in time at the memorial last week, she won’t always be around to prevent Nikki from confessing to J.T.’s murder. This week, Y&R spoilers show that Nikki is going to be put under surveillance. But who will be watching her? And that, coupled with Victor’s incarceration for a crime that she committed, could be enough to drive Nikki over the edge.

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3. Fallout From Nikki’s Confession

Now that the bloody fire poker has reappeared, in front of Nikki’s fireplace no less, and Nikki has confessed to Nick that she was the one who killed J.T., what will happen this week? Will she proceed to tell Nick every gory detail of the night J.T. was killed and the subsequent cover-up by the Coven? Will he find out that not only was his sister Victoria involved in the scheme, but also his ex-wife Sharon and his current paramour, Phyllis? And now that Nick has been blindsided by the truth, what is he going to do with it?

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2. Change Of Heart

Phyllis will be waiting for Nick at home, expecting him to greet her angrily, after the stunt she pulled at Reed’s memorial for J.T. last week. But spoilers are indicating that Nick will have a change of heart this week. If Nikki tells him the whole truth about the night J.T. died, Phyllis may be greeted by a very grateful Nick. He may be appreciative to her for stopping his mother from confessing to murder in front of multiple people, including Reed.

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1. Victor And Nick Team Up

Or could Nick have had a change of heart concerning Victor? Since he now knows it was his mother and not his father who killed J.T., he’ll head to the prison to talk to Victor. Since Nikki told her husband last week that she knew who killed J.T., Victor already has a sneaking suspicion that it was either his wife or his daughter who did it. Spoilers indicate Victor and Nick will call a truce this week. Will they team up for Victor to take the fall for the crime or will they hatch a plan to cover it up even further? Stay tuned!

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