Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (August 19, 2019)

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Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! Time for another explosive week in Genoa City! Adam has a new scheme up his sleeve; the Kola wedding hits a bump in the road; and teasers promise a shocking character return at the end of the week! Learn about these storylines and others in the Y&R spoilers for the week of August 19, 2019!

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9. Kola Wedding Disaster

Y&R spoilers tease that Lola and Kyle’s wedding won’t go off as planned. Does this mean that Theo or Summer do something to stop the ceremony, or crash Kola’s “I dos”? Very few weddings go off without a hitch in Genoa City, so fans should expect some major drama before any wedding cake is served.

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8. Adam’s World

Y&R spoilers suggest that Adam has come up with a new scheme, and he’ll be moving forward with it in the coming days. It seems he just may bite back at daddy Victor for that court order Newman placed against him to keep him away from Christian. At the same time, this is Adam, so he could even come up with another plan to get back at Nick, Rey, or even Chelsea. In other related spoilers, Adam will also drop a bombshell on Sharon this week.

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7. Chelsea Agrees To A Deal

Could Adam’s shocking news to Sharon have something to do with Chelsea? Could he have something on his ex that would gain him access to Connor? He’s lost visiting privileges to one son, so he’ll be desperate to be able to see the other one. There’s a good chance that Chelsea might agree to something Adam proposes, depending on what she gets in return. She’s been dealing with the entire scam ordeal, so she may be placed in a corner next week.

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6. Victor Protects Abby’s Interests

Y&R spoilers indicate that Victor will try to protect daughter Abby and her interests. This could have to do with business or her budding romance with Nate. Victor seems to like Abby and Nate together, so he may have a one-on-one talk with Hastings to nudge their romance along a bit. In other Victor spoilers, The Moustache will catch wind of a dangerous secret.

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5. Billy Has A Meltdown

Poor Billy has been spirally for weeks now, and Y&R spoilers suggest that he may have a bona fide meltdown early on in the coming week. Abbott can’t shake his hate towards Adam and a nagging feeling that Delia’s ghost is trying to relay a message to him. Here’s hoping Billy gets some help and soon. From his dreams to the eerie messages in the Chancellor mansion, something has got to give for him.

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4. Lauren Questions Michael

Y&R spoilers reveal that Laura will demand answers from Michael. She seems to be on to his lies, and she may want him to reveal what he is hiding. Will Michael fess up or offer up more lies to his wife? It’ll be very hard for him to admit to her that he’s helping Adam to protect Kevin.

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3. Victor Raises An Eyebrow

Lauren won’t be the only one questioning Michael in the coming days, as Y&R spoilers state that The Moustache will also question Michael around where his loyalties lie. While Baldwin has been a stand-up guy these recent years, thanks to Adam (and Kevin) his darker side has emerged as of late, and he’s done some pretty sneaky things. If Newman finds out what he’s been up to, Michael could be toast.

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2. Nick Supports Sharon

What else is new? In all seriousness, it sounds as if Sharon will have a hard week, and Nick will be there to help her through it all. As noted above, Adam will spill some shocking news; however, Y&R spoilers also hint that Nick will comfort Sharon over an issue she’s dealing with. Could it be something to do with Rey or something Adam has said?

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1. Shocking Return

Y&R spoilers reveal a shocking character return by week’s end, but fail to mention who exactly is coming back! While the teaser is a bit ambiguous, it may just be Chloe who is returning to Genoa City (thanks to recent storylines), but at this point, viewers need to gear up and expect the unexpected.

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