Why Beyonce Doesn’t Want To Attend Kimye’s Wedding

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Weddings can be a pain — and Beyonce would rather skip the nuptials of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Although Beyonce’s hubby Jay-Z and Kanye are like family, Beyonce reportedly thinks it’s tacky that Kim and Kanye will be televising their wedding ceremony as part of Kim’s reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

But as you might expect, Beyonce can’t simply not attend the high-profile wedding, which will take place in Paris this spring/summer.

Guests are being asked to sign non-disclosure agreeements, but Kanye is going to give Beyonce and Jay-Z special treatment, because he knows they would never do anything to betray his trust. (As celebrities themselves, they clearly understand what it’s like to have your private moments go public, and they’re not about to sell photos or information to tabloids.) Check out the video for more information about how Kanye is trying to smooth things over with Beyonce!

We see Beyonce’s point — the whole thing sounds more like a television spectacle than a sacred celebration of marriage. Then again, Beyonce, you can’t go and make someone else’s wedding all about you.

Do you think this will turn into an all-out feud between Beyonce and Kim? Kim surely isn’t thrilled to hear that Beyonce doesn’t even want to attend…

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Amanda Young