‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Mackenzie McKee Upset Over How MTV Portrayed Her Mother’s Funeral

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Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee is upset with how MTV portrayed her grieving the loss of her mom, Angie Douthit. The 25-year-old reality TV star’s mother passed away last December at the age of 50 after a long battle with cancer. On Tuesday, May 5, night’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Mackenzie’s family was seen grieving at Douthit’s funeral before cutting to a month later when McKee resumed filming for the show.

McKee had an issue with multiple aspects of Tuesday’s aired episode, including the state of her home and the fight she had with her husband, Josh McKee.

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“They filmed so much good stuff. With my mom, with Josh and I. And all that’s shown is the worst of the worst. That is not who we are,” the Teen Mom OG star tweeted before the episode aired.

“And I keep my house so clean especially when filming and they decided to make it a huge point tonight to show how messy the boys’ room was one month after my mom passed. Like, cleaning was something that’s on my mind. Ehh, my heart hurts that this is even going to air,” she wrote. “Josh dropped everything he had and was doing and moved in with my dad for over a month to help out and support us. Was there as best as he could be. None of that will be shown in honor of her. But a fight will be shown. The very episode of her funeral. I’m sick to my stomach.”

On Tuesday night’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Mackenzie was shown grieving and battling depression, openly emotional, which is something McKee’s husband isn’t comfortable with. The reality star compared her older son, Gannon, to Josh, saying that he struggles to show his emotions as well.

“My point is that you and Gannon are not emotional people and my point is I want him and you to know that it’s OK to talk about stuff,” she said to her husband.

However, when McKee mentioned that she doesn’t want to live anymore, her husband got upset and left the house where they were filming.

“If you’re saying you’re going to [end your life], I’m not going to be a part of that,” he told McKee.

“This is the support I have from him. I’m not going to do anything to myself because I love my kids so much, but I hate being alive. It’s just so painful,” she said in reaction to Josh leaving.

The couple went back and forth as Josh continued to avoid dealing with McKee’s emotions. After the episode aired, McKee tweeted, “If anyone learns anything from my story. Please go hug your mom right now.”

McKee’s co-star, Cheyenne Floyd, shared her thoughts with the reality star on how her story will help others grieve, in which McKee responded, “I pray that I am. That we all are.”

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