Sophia Bush Is Leaving ‘Chicago PD’ After Four Seasons

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Sad news for Chicago PD fans! It has been reported that the show’s longtime star, Sophia Bush, has left the series after four seasons.

Fans of the series know that the season four finale episode resulted in Bush’s character Det. Erin Lindsay getting a job offer with the FBI in New York effectively removing her character from the series going into season five. It turns out Bush isn’t the only integral part of Chicago PD leaving either as producer and co-creator Matthew Olmstead has also left the show during the fourth season.

While Bush has left the series, Deadline reports that it was her own decision and she was not fired, and her character was strategically left with a job offer instead of being killed off, so that the door was left open for her character to return and wrap up her story.

So far Bush hasn’t addressed the news about leaving the series and there has been no word if she has any roles lined up or if she will be taking time to focus solely on her extensive charity and humanitarian work.

Earlier this month, Bush opened up about her hectic filming schedule on set, stating, “I really started learning that I have to create habits for myself, because my work is pretty crazy. The schedule is packed. On average [the show shoots] 16 hours a day and there’s normally 150 people around, so there’s a lot of energy and a lot of chatter and a lot of people that need something from you. So I learned over the years to create a little bit of my own space to recharge.”