Jojo Fletcher Sets Up Elaborate Birthday Surprise For Jordan Rodgers

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Bachelorette stars Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers have done the impossible and proven that relationships blooming from reality television actually can be successful!

Despite the odds against them and haters doubting their relationship, the two remain stronger than ever, and that is especially evident after seeing the birthday surprise Jojo set up for Jordan this past week!

Rodgers, who turned 29 on Wednesday, gave Jojo major props for sneaking his friends and family into town for an elaborate birthday dinner all without him finding out. “This amazing woman I get to call mine surprised me this weekend for my Birthday,” he wrote in an Instagram post.

“I am not easy to surprise, and somehow she managed to sneak my brother and two of my best friends into town without me knowing for a huge family and friend birthday dinner. I love her more than anything, she is the most thoughtful, loving, selfless person I know! She continues to amaze me and I am blessed beyond belief to have her in my life.”

Jojo paid her own birthday tribute to her beau on Instagram and thanked him for all that he does for her. “Happy Birthday to this gem of a human– there are so many reasons why you deserve to be celebrated, not only today, but everyday!” Fletcher wrote.

“To name a few, thank you for always being my rock, for giving me a million laughs, for being a daily example of what it’s like to chase after dreams and never give up, for holding my hair back when I’ve had one too many rosès, for always dancing along side me when I embarrassingly try to, and of course, for loving me (& Jackie moon) with everything you have. So, without getting more mushy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!”

It’s safe to say this Bachelorette couple is happier than ever and there is no end in sight anytime soon!

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