Fame10 Interview: Bachelorette Jillian Harris Talks New Show ‘Jillian & Justin’

Courtesy of Jillian Harris

Courtesy of Jillian Harris

Former Bachelorette Jillian Harris who is now known as the host of Love It Or List It Vancouver has landed a new reality series with her fiance, Justin Pasutto. The beloved Canadian TV personality has been sharing her personal and professional life with fans on social media and through her website for quite some time, but now she’s taking it to a whole new level with a four-part docu-series called Jillian & Justin!

What started out as a show dedicated solely to the design and renovation of their new home, quickly turned into a full blown docu-series catching all the major ups and downs of the past year, including the birth of their son Leo. In fact, the very first episode takes viewers inside the delivery room!

In an exclusive interview with Fame10, Harris recounted the story of how it all began. They just wrapped up their last day of filming and were two days away from her official maternity leave when her water broke! Filming the birth was never part of their original plan, but it was Pasutto who convinced Harris it would be amazing to share. “At some point in between contractions, Justin convinced me that not only would this special moment be incredible to catch on camera, but he also thought it would be amazing to share our experience with everyone…and that is when our documentary series was born (next came Leo!),” she shared with Fame10.

Fans of Jillian Harris know she’s an open book with her followers, and Harris confirmed viewers can expect the same mentality when it comes to their new show. “We went through SO MUCH over this last year and we’re so happy to have most of it caught on camera. Fans can expect to see our highs, our lows, moments of joy, laughs, tears and everything else in between. We are a regular family going through everything that life is throwing at us and handling it the best we can, all while learning more and more about us as a family along the way!”

No doubt this past year has been incredibly busy for Harris and Pasutto; they’ve welcomed a child, got engaged, built a house, all the while running their businesses and filming a new reality series. Arguably the biggest roller coaster of it all was tackling the role of mom and dad. “We were learning how to be new parents and it was scary, nerve wracking and AMAZING all rolled into one. I really think people will really relate to this docu-series, especially new families!”

When asked what her favorite moment was from the filming process, Harris enthusiastically responded with the birth of Leo. “The delivery room! The extremely candid moments from when Leo was first born…I can’t even discuss it further because I’m starting to cry already!” she joked. It’s clear Harris and Pasutto will be sharing a lot with their fans. The only thing viewers shouldn’t expect to see is any wedding planning, but that’s only because they have so much going on their in lives already, “new house, new show and now working on the yard – we really want to wait for a ‘break’ so we can enjoy the wedding planning process.”

Despite all these amazing changes in Harris’ life, she hasn’t forgotten her roots! After competing on the 13th season of The Bachelor and becoming the fifth Bachelorette, Harris continues to keep up with the show by live tweeting each week (and sharing her recaps every Tuesday) and told us she absolutely adores the newest Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay.

Their new series, Jillian & Justin will premiere on the W Network on June 21 at 10 p.m., but in the mean time, check out a sneak peak of the trailer below!

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