E! Daily Pop Host Justin Sylvester To Appear On The Young And The Restless



E! Daily Pop Host Justin Sylvester will appear on an upcoming episode of The Young And The Restless (Y&R). Sylvester announced the news on his Instagram account yesterday.

The host was pumped that he taped appearances on two CBS daytime shows in one day. He will also be seen on the game show The Price Is Right on January 8, 2020.

“I just finished filming my episode of The Price Is Right and now I’m going to film my scene for the Young And The Restless,” Sylvester said in his Instagram story.

Sylvester was one of the stars of the reality show Beverly Hills Nannies and was also featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (as Kyle Richards’ assistant). He is also the producer of an upcoming TV series called Broken Record. The actor and host also played a part in the short film Baker Daily: Trump Takedown in 2017.

No details have been released on what character Sylvester will portray on the Y&R and no air date has been announced yet. Stay tuned!

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9. Jack Tries To Keep The Peace

Y&R spoilers indicate that Jack will desperately try and keep the peace this week, and this may have to do with his family, more specifically, Kyle and Theo. Kyle isn’t too happy he has a new cousin in Theo, and the two young men just may be at odds in the coming days.

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8. Jack Has News

Y&R spoilers hint some unexpected news coming from Abbott this week as well. Everyone seems to think that Theo’s dad Eric, who also very well could be Jack’s half-brother, is no longer in the land of the living. Having said that, teasers suggest otherwise, as Eric Vanderway could be very much alive, and on his way to the little town.

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7. New Character Alert

Actor Jon Briddell will join the Y&R cast this coming Friday, November 8th, playing Eric Vanderway (or someone everyone believes to be Eric). Theo has stated before that his dad had passed on, so how this character will be introduced into storylines should be very interesting. Just how and why did Eric make his family believe he was gone?

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6. Chelsea Tries To Cover Her Tracks

On the other side of town, Y&R spoilers reveal that Chelsea will work hard to cover up something she has done. Could this be in connection to Simon Black entering the Genoa City scene? The two could be connected, so perhaps Lawson was up to something in Vegas, or is hiding what she’s been up to lately.

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5. Chloe & Kevin

Y&R spoilers suggest that Kevin and Chloe will do some undercover work. November teasers have stated that the super couple plan to help Chelsea battle an adversary, so perhaps they are either helping her with the situation she is in this week, or this has to do with Adam in some fashion.

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4. Adam’s World

Speaking of, Y&R spoilers imply that Adam will twist the truth this week, which is no shocker at all. He’s outright lied to people in the past, so the fact that he is mincing words doesn’t seem too far-fetched. The only real question is, who will he “bend the truth” to in the coming days? Chelsea? Connor? Phyllis? The list really could be endless.

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3. Phyllis Has An Epiphany

Y&R spoilers tease that Phyllis will have an epiphany about something this week. She knows she wants to be a power player in Genoa City, and perhaps her realization is a plan on how to get her to that goal. It should be interesting to see what she schemes she has in store for the near future.

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2. Nikki and Billy

Interesting that Y&R spoilers suggest Nikki and Billy will team up, and take a risk on something. While Billy is her son-in-law, Nikki doesn’t usually have too much to do with the Abbotts, so the fact that they both dive into something risky together seems intriguing. Does this have to do with Victoria?

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1. More Spoilers!

Rounding out Y&R spoilers this week, Mariah will surprise Tessa, and with their first anniversary creeping up, one has to wonder if the two are connected? Lastly, Amanda will do everything she can to avoid what she’s done in the past. Perhaps she’s looking for a fresh start in Genoa City?

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