B&B’s Krista Allen Discusses Taylor’s Future And Replacing Hunter Tylo

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There’s something you should know about Krista Allen: she doesn’t have much of a filter. And daytime drama viewers are all the better for it!

So, when The Bold And the Beautiful (B&B) star recently sat down for an interview with Soap Opera Digest, she was game to discuss anything and everything – including replacing Hunter Tylo in the role of Dr. Taylor Hayes. 

“First of all, I am absolutely prepared for the people that are really having a hard time with this recast,” Allen stated. “Because it was a 30-year character that was played by someone else and Hunter did such an incredible job, it’s very [hard] for people who are die-hard fans.”

“I’m just very thoughtful about how other people are going to be feeling,” she continued. “It’s not easy when people are so invested in a show, and soap operas are the kind of thing where the characters are a part of their life.”

Although Allen has been warmly received by vocal B&B viewers, the Days Of Our Lives alum knows that it’ll take her a while to get the character sorted out.

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“What Hunter brought to this… she created the character and everything that she brought to it is now something I’m having to figure out as the new Taylor,” Allen said, adding that she was balancing having “those qualities as best I can while also making it my own.”

Luckily, Allen has a unique angle into the world renowned psychiatrist. Prior to B&B phoning her “out of the blue”, Allen had gone back to school and was studying neuroscience and epigenetics. Little did she know, her passions were about to intersect with her next big role.

“I’ve been a nerdy student,” Allen recalled. “All I do is study and read and research, and then all of a sudden this role came up and I was like, ‘I would love to do that… and how cool that she is a psychiatrist.’”

As for what we can expect from Taylor Hayes over the coming weeks and months, Allen isn’t afraid to level with audience expectations.

“Taylor is still very vulnerable and she is trying to be strong,” Allen shared. 

“There are certain people who are like, ‘We want her to take down the Logans!’ Taylor’s not going to do that,” Allen confirmed. “She’s never going to be written that way, otherwise it would be a different show and we wouldn’t have the same dynamic.”

Allen is ready for the haters… in fact, she’s counting on them.

“One of the jokes I have is, ‘As long as the people who were Team Brooke still don’t like Taylor, then I am doing my job.”

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