Watch: B&B’s Krista Allen Forces Producer To Acknowledge How Bad Her Wig Is 

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For viewers who are confused by Krista Allen’s hair on The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B), rest assured: yes, it’s a wig. And although B&B producers aren’t ready to laugh about it quite yet, Allen thinks it’s hilarious!

So far, fans have been transfixed by Krista Allen’s seamless transition into the role of Taylor Hayes. However, they’ve also been distracted by her rather prominent hairpiece, or as Allen explains it, her several prominent hairpieces. 

During the latest episode of Bold Live on Youtube, the actress addressed “wig-gate” with host Casey Kasprzyk, who seemed uncomfortable with the subject coming to light.

“Everybody has been, obviously, letting me know that I should get rid of the wig,” Allen brought up early in the interview. “Here’s the deal… it’s been such a hard thing, because I think some people think that I’m choosing to wear a wig because I think it looks beautiful.”

The former Days Of Our Lives star then sets the record straight: she didn’t choose the wig.

“Right before I got cast for this part, my hair was a short, blonde pixie [cut],” she explained. “Within a week [of getting the part] I was on set, so we didn’t have time, and I had to take my hair back from blonde to dark brown.”

“We needed a little bit of time, so we thought, ‘Let’s do a wig! That’ll be great!’ And it just didn’t work,” Allen laughed. “We tried a couple of different ones and yes, we even tried one in the same set of scenes!” 

The interview is worth watching to see Kasprzyk, who is B&B’s supervising producer, initially play dumb about the wig before making several acknowledgements about how the situation unfolded.

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“Did y’all notice that?” he then slyly asked B&B viewers about the wig. And Allen was quick to clue him in: yes, they noticed! “I’ve seen side-by-side screenshots of people going ‘What is happening? It’s dark here and ten inches longer…’” Allen continued. 

“At some point it’s all going to be something really funny, and I think it is funny,” Allen added. “But… we know that the wig is bad!”

Kasprzyk, who had by this point insinuated that he knew about the wig, then returned to his original surprise, exclaiming, “This is the first I’ve heard about this wig thing!”

Allen laughed, and then stated, “Wait, you’re being serious? You’re not… you’re joking.” Finally, Kasprzyk was forced to concede that yes, he knew about the wig.

Viewers will be pleased to learn that the contentious wig days are nearly through! 

“It’ll be my hair,” Allen said in reference to scenes following the CBS program’s winter hiatus. “You guys will never have to look at a wig again… unless, you know, it’s for something else!”

So there’s another reason to look forward to 2022: no more wig-gate!


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