B&B Weigh In: Zoe Is Gone, Which Character Is Next?

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Zoe Buckingham entered Bold and the Beautiful the way any top-tier soap character should: looking for trouble. But after two years of mischief, she’s pretty much estranged herself from everyone. (And people say that soaps are unrealistic!) While it’s been made official that Kiara Barnes will wrap up her portrayal of Zoe very soon, the status of Ms. Buckingham remains unknown. Will Zoe return to England and re-emerge (looking suspiciously like a new person) next time a storyline calls for her? Time will tell. But her departure also begs a bigger question: which other characters are running out of time and story? Who will be the next actor to leave?

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It has been hinted as far back as December 2020 that Dr. John Finnegan, also known as Finn, could be eyeing an exit. Actor Tanner Novlan has been juggling a bunch of commitments aside from daytime television, including commercial spots and starring in The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico. According to Soap Dirt, he’s been out of state filming scenes this winter for the show’s third season. In contrast to Novlan’s rising star, the future of his character Finn is looking uncertain. As recently reported, Finn doesn’t have an alibi for the night that Vinny was killed. If he played a prominent role in the crime and gets incarcerated, that’s a great reason to leave B&B. And with Steffi currently out of the picture, Finn might not have anyone left to lean on!

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With the murder mystery surrounding Vinny taking up more and more screen-time over the coming weeks, it’s no surprise that Scott Clifton (Liam) and Don Diamont (Bill) are up to their necks in the plot, given their recent contract renewals. But the sure-footing of those two actors throws other characters into uncertainty. Take Denise Richards, whose character Shauna has been relegated to occasional-mention status since her devious plot concerning Ridge and Quinn. When Denise Richards signed on with B&B two years ago, fans were delighted to have both a familiar face and star power imbued into their daytime drama. Whether Shauna’s absence is the consequence of the star’s other commitments or the show-runners’ shrugging, we can’t say, but Denise Richards could easily achieve greater visibility on other programs.

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Another character who has run out of reasons to exist lately is Brook, who is played by Katherine Kelly Lang. Now, if there’s one thing we know about Brook Logan, it’s that nothing will terminate this long-running character’s arc on the show. Even when she’s sitting around and worrying about her kids, she brings an irreplaceable aura; however, that’s all she’s been doing! When she isn’t stressing about Liam’s love-life, she’s gossiping about Thomas. Maybe B&B writers will give Brook a more interesting life before Katherine Kelly Lang pulls a Doug Davidson and gracefully bows out.

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Lastly, Dr. Ricks (portrayed by Vasthy Mompoint) was introduced just this month as the Los Angeles based coroner assigned to the murder investigation. Normally, the appearance of a coroner in daytime television could be given to an extra, no differently than the random business people walking the halls of Forrester Creations. But actress Vasthy Mompoint has seen decent screen-time over the past few years, appearing in TV movies and prime-time. Given that B&B writers have already promised that this murder mystery will be a lengthy plotline, it’s possible that Dr. Ricks will have an opportunity to forge real relationships on the show.

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If the abrupt ending of Sally’s terminal illness storyline taught us anything, it’s that B&B show-runners keep their ears to the ground. When fans are annoyed, producers tend to react. Finn’s departure could be a mutual decision, given his other acting jobs, but Shauna and Brook’s idleness in recent weeks might be contentious issues for the actresses. As for Dr. Ricks, it would be all too easy to count out this minor character; however, we still don’t know exactly what happened to Vinny before Liam and Bill struck him. Sounds like we might need a coroner over the coming weeks!

Zoe is gone, which character is next?

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