Young And The Restless: Sharon Newman’s 8 Relationships Ranked From Worst To Best

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A young Sharon Collins entered the land of Genoa City in 1994 and over two decades later has become a staple on The Young and the Restless (Y&R). She’s had her ups and downs over the years and endured many battles, inner demons, and has had her fair share of romances. As such, below is a list of the eight relationships Y&R’s Sharon Newman has had over the years, ranked from worst to best.

8. Victor Newman

No one is surprised that this entry has hit the bottom of the list. The Shictor era, as some Y&R fans call it, was a low point for both Sharon and Victor. The two wed twice in 2012 and the actors and audience alike were completely grossed out by these two characters hooking up. After all, Victor had been like a father to Sharon for years leading up to this relationship and her father-in-law as well. #EpicFail

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7. Tucker McCall

Another low point in Sharon’s life was when she hooked up and married Tucker McCall. The relationship was more a business dealing and Tucker sucked up to Sharon due to her power within Newman. At that point in time, Sharon was mentally unstable, technically married to a seemingly dead Victor (he was actually alive), and was running Victor’s company. When Victor ended up returning to Genoa City, this relationship fizzled fast.

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6. Jack Abbott

While Jack lands near the end of the list, the good news about this relationship is that it wasn’t entirely toxic. While Jack adored Sharon, Sharon really only cared for Jack. The two came together when their exes Phyllis and Nick hooked up. It was bonding over this misery that resulted in their relationship. They were married for two years and ended up divorcing, but the good news is that the fall out wasn’t that ugly and the two are still friends to this very day.


5. Scott Grainger

Scott Grainger is the newest love interest for Sharon and the two have been sharing a pretty nice romance as of late. Scott is smart, handsome, and accepting of Sharon’s past. He’s also helped her tremendously during a time that has been plagued by the loss of her husband Dylan and son Sully/Christian. While he hits the mid-point of her relationship’s list, this is only because these two have just begun what may be a long and beautiful relationship.


4. Brad Carlton

Sharon and Brad had a tremendous amount of passion and chemistry together. It wasn’t hard to see from a mile away as both Y&R characters are gorgeous with a ton of sex appeal, but like many men in Sharon’s life, Brad loved being her knight and shining armor and adored her a little more than she reciprocated back. Sadly in 2009, Brad followed Sharon up to the Abbott cabin during a snowstorm to confess his undying love for her. Sharon was scared and confused and rejected him. Brad would try and return to Genoa City, heartbroken by Sharon, but would save her son Noah from drowning in a frozen creek on his way home. This act of heroism cost Brad his life and Sharon would deal with this guilt for many months following the incident. While she did care for Brad, she was not ready for the relationship he wanted.

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3. Adam Newman

Adam and Sharon shared a beautiful love story that was a little toxic. As town outcasts at the time, many Y&R fans were shocked that Sharon forgave Adam for all he had done to her in the past. No one could deny these two had a lot of love for each other. While Adam was a master manipulator, his love for Sharon was true, and it was clear that these two had an over-the-top romance. From running around Hawaii to clear Adam’s name when he was charged with Skye’s murder to Adam storming into a barn to save Faith and Sharon during a storm – these two went to the extreme for each other and their love. It didn’t work out in the end, but their romance was an interesting thing to watch.

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2. Dylan McAvoy

Unlike Adam, Dylan was an excellent influence on Sharon. He was kind, loving, played zero games, and was a supportive husband. These two hit soap opera super couple status quickly and seemed to work very well together. They were even able to get over Baby Sully/Christian debacle in 2016. Sadly, it was Dylan’s job that axed the love birds in the end, with McAvoy being placed in the witness protection program and leaving Genoa City behind for good.

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1. Nick Newman

Despite the long list of suitors Sharon has had in the past, Nick Newman hits number one on this list for a variety of reasons. He’s her first love, her rock, and a solid friend. Sharon has had many men over the years, but she and Nick have always managed to come together in between other love affairs. They started their romance in 1994 and as high school sweethearts they got married and raised a family together. A meddling mother-in-law, tragedies, and affairs did get in the way of their happily ever after. Despite all they have been through, they tend to cycle as friends, then enemies, then lovers, then friends again. While she’s with Scott and he’s with Chelsea Lawson, it won’t be long until they once again find their way back to each other’s arms. These two are like magnets — they simply can’t stay away from each other.

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