Young And The Restless’ 7 Best Love Triangles

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5. Victor, Nikki, Ashley

Back in the early 1990s, Y&R viewers were glued to daytime screens watching the drama unfold between Victor Newman, his wife Nikki, and Ashley Abbott. Interesting dynamics with this love triangle as Victor hated Ash’s brother Jack. While Victor and Ashley made a great couple, the two never lasted the long haul. Victor always has had a soft-spot for Nikki and tends to gravitate towards her when all is said and done.

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4. Phillip, Nina, and Christine

Another Phillip Chancellor hits this list and he is certainly his father’s son. Phillip Chancellor III was involved with Christine Blair and the two were engaged at one point. Christine’s BFF also had eyes for Phillip and ended up seducing him one fateful night. She got pregnant and the rest was history! Christine dropped Phillip like a bad habit and Chancellor ended up shacking up with Nina. The best part of the story was years later it would be revealed that Phillip was in fact gay. Pretty funny that two girls were vying for a man that was not the least bit interested in either of them.

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