Young And The Restless’ 7 Best Love Triangles

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The love triangle can be an interesting soap opera storyline. Nothing messes up a good relationship like adding another person into the equation. Sometimes it is a wandering eye that adds another individual into a love story and sometimes it is simply a schemer looking to break up a super couple. Genoa City has had its fair share of dramatic romance trios. Below are seven of the best Young and the Restless (Y&R) love triangles.

7. Billy, Phyllis, and Victoria

This is a recent love triangle that Y&R fans are obsessed with. Billy and Victoria were on the verge of reuniting months ago. This was their trillionth-time at trying to get their relationship to succeed, and Phyllis ended up swooping in at the last moment to steal Billy’s heart. While the verdict is still out on who Billy Abbott will eventually choose, odds are that Vicky will remain his main squeeze when all is said and done. Phyllis and Billy have great chemistry, but Victoria owns his heart.

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6. Phillip, Katherine, and Jill

Katherine and Phillip Chancellor II were married for many years until Jill Foster came into the picture. At that point in time, Katherine had dived into alcohol, cigarettes, and stable boys and a young Jill was a refreshing change for Phillip. In the end, Phillip chose Jill. He not only loved her more at the time, but she was also carrying his child. Unfortunately, the two never really got to live out their happily ever after, as Phillip died in a car crash right before they were to be wed.

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5. Victor, Nikki, Ashley

Back in the early 1990s, Y&R viewers were glued to daytime screens watching the drama unfold between Victor Newman, his wife Nikki, and Ashley Abbott. Interesting dynamics with this love triangle as Victor hated Ash’s brother Jack. While Victor and Ashley made a great couple, the two never lasted the long haul. Victor always has had a soft-spot for Nikki and tends to gravitate towards her when all is said and done.

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4. Phillip, Nina, and Christine

Another Phillip Chancellor hits this list and he is certainly his father’s son. Phillip Chancellor III was involved with Christine Blair and the two were engaged at one point. Christine’s BFF also had eyes for Phillip and ended up seducing him one fateful night. She got pregnant and the rest was history! Christine dropped Phillip like a bad habit and Chancellor ended up shacking up with Nina. The best part of the story was years later it would be revealed that Phillip was in fact gay. Pretty funny that two girls were vying for a man that was not the least bit interested in either of them.

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3. Brad, Traci, and Ashley

It must’ve been hard for Traci growing up, living in the shadows of her older sister Ashley. Even harder once they hit adulthood, knowing that her husband Brad carried a torch for Ashley. Brad and Traci had a great love affair, but when things began to crumble, Ashley became someone he could flirt with and talk to. The two sisters constantly fought over him in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but as the years progressed it was clear that Brad and Ashley made the stronger couple.


2. Nikki, Jack, and Victor

Most love triangles end after some months or years, but this one seems like the never-ending story. Nikki turned to Jack in the early 1990s to make Victor jealous and a nice little cycle began. Nikki ended up with Victor, but every few years or so, she turned to Jack. She would get his hopes up and then dump him for Victor. The cycle continues today as Jack and Nikki have moved their relationship status on their Facebook pages from ‘friends’ to ‘lovers.’ Still, it won’t be long until she’s back in Newman’s arms.

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1. Nick, Sharon, and Phyllis

If you Google ‘Y&R love triangle’ a photo of these three just may pop up on your screen. This love triangle story was one for the ages. Super couple Nick and Sharon had many bumps within their marriage, but they were able to sustain it all and keep things together. However, when their daughter Cassie died in a car accident, seemingly at the hands of Phyllis’ son Daniel, things got sticky and fast. Nick shut down and turned to Phyllis while grieving for Cassie and Sharon lost it when she found out about their affair. Nick and Sharon would divorce and Nick would end up with Phyllis. Years later, Sharon would get her revenge when she ended up stealing Nick away from Phyllis, twice. The chemistry Nick has with both ladies is phenomenal and what makes this love triangle so interesting is the fact that both women are so very different.

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