RHOC: 10 Discoveries That Prove Brooks Lied About Having Cancer


Brooks Ayers has been a hot topic among the Real Housewives of Orange County for a few seasons, but nothing was quite as heated as this season’s cancer controversy. Brooks and veteran reality star Vicki Gunvalson both came under fire when they openly discussed Brooks’ continued battle with a 2013 diagnosis of stage 3 non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The other women on the show have been open about their doubts and have highlighted many alleged inaccuracies and inconsistencies involving his health. In a recent interview with E! News, Brooks’ offered up his City of Hope medical records as proof to dispute the other cast members who doubt his claims of cancer. E! News compared Ayers’ documents with another recent patient from City of Hope and found multiple discrepancies between the two medical records. Here are 10 discoveries that prove Brooks is lying about having cancer.

10. He’s Refused A Lie Detector Test

During an in-depth exclusive interview with E! News, Brooks was asked if he would agree to take a lie detector test in order to shut down all the negative controversy, but he declined. He said it would go against his attorney’s wishes: “My attorney has said under no circumstances will I do a lie detector test. It’s too broad.”


9. The City of Hope Logo

The City of Hope logo on his medical records does not resemble the logo on another patients documents. The logo on Ayers invoice has a small trademark symbol, something that would appear if a person did an image search for “City of Hope logo.” The trademark symbol does not appear on the other patient’s invoice.

8. Address Formatting

The address listed for City of Hope National Medical Center on Brooks’ invoice looks as follows: “1500 East Duarte Road, Duarte CA 91010,” whereas on another patients invoice the address appears as “1500 E. Duarte Road, Duarte, California 91010.” Above the address, the name “City of Hope” has the logo on the left side, and Brooks’ invoice does not.

Source: ca.eonline.com

7. Medical Record Number

In the top right corner of Ayers’ medical document, it says “Invoice #” alongside an eight digit code. However, the other patients document has the subheading “Medical Record Number” then lists the eight digit number.

Source: E! Entertainment

6. Visit # and Visit Type

Ayers’ document does not include a “Visit #” and “Visit Type,” like outpatient, surgery, etc. The compared patients documents have this information and all the listed items are all broken down specifically by date in the strategic form of month/day/year. Ayers’ document completely omits these credentials.

Source: Bravo

5. Patient Name

A more subtle discrepancy is how the patients name is listed on Ayers’ documents. His name is listed as, “David B. Ayers,” but on the other patients document, as is with most official documents, the surname is listed first.

Source: Bravo

4. Online Invoices

Brooks said during his interview that the documents he presented to ward off all the naysayers were accessible through his patient portal. A source told E! News that invoices and bills are not available to patients online.

Source: Bravo

3. Vicki Admitted She Was ‘Duped’

Vicki was on the defense all season while protecting Brooks from the other women, but during the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special she seemed to take a different approach. Vicki admitted, “I don’t have any proof that he’s not faking cancer and I don’t have any proof that he is.” She was confronted severely and offered up proof of his false documents, to which she replied, “my gut tells me he doesn’t have it.” She also admitted she never saw him receive chemotherapy or take any prescription pills.

2. Brooks Has Lied Before

While the show was being filmed, Meghan King Edmonds said she came in contact with Brooks Ayer’s ex-girlfriends and they revealed this isn’t the first time Brooks has lied about having cancer. Later, viewers also found out more from Vicki’s daughter, Briana Culberson when she shared her own experience with Brooks lying about his health. She said when she first met him, he said he had pancreatic cancer — but when she drew from her medical knowledge as a nurse to question him about his treatments, he broke down and admitted it was pancreatitis.

Source: Bravo

1. He Was Never Treated at City of Hope

During the entire season of Real Housewives of Orange County, Brooks kept affirming that he has been treated at the California City of Hope medical center. He even went as far as to provide documents to housewives Tamara Judge while filming. However, a representative for City of Hope medical center has revealed that Brooks Ayers was never treated for cancer at their facility. Brooks’ has said in an interview with E! News that he’s returning to the facility to receive more tests, and in fact he goes every 90 days. A hospital representative has confirmed they have never treated anyone by the name of “David Brooks Ayers” at their facilities.

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