8 Things You Didn’t Know About RHOC Stars Heather and Terry Dubrow’s Relationship


Heather and Terry Dubrow are one of the most beloved couples in the Real Housewives franchise. They joined The Real Housewives of Orange County back in 2012 for season 7 and have steadily appeared on the show ever since. Heather is a former actress while Terry is a prominent Newport Beach plastic surgeon who has now become one of the most well known plastic surgeons in America. More often than not, the marriages fans see on the Real Housewives don’t last and more and more women cast on the show are divorced or single, but Heather and Terry provide the perfect example of a rock solid relationship that can endure anything — even reality TV! Terry’s harmless jokes and nonchalant attitude offers the perfect offset to Heather’s “fancy pants” personality. We also can’t help but love their adorable family! They’ve been extremely successful with the show and even got a few spin-off series (well, Terry did!), Botched, Botched: Post Op which is co-hosted by Heather and Botched by Nature. Here’s a look at 8 things you probably didn’t know about your favorite Real Housewives couple!

8. Financial Scam

Heather and Terry ran into some unfortunate luck recently with their finances — thankfully they have plenty of cash to throw around, but this deal gone wrong stung pretty bad for the reality couple. These two have used Terry’s expertise as a surgeon and their combined reality fame to become quite the successful business moguls, but things went awry last year when they were scammed out of nearly $2 million! Heather and Terry have been extremely candid about the entire situation in the hopes of catching the con artists involved. They’ve posted pictures on social media and Heather discussed details of it all on her podcast, Heather Dubrow’s World. She said they had extra money from the sale of their home and their accountant of more than 20 years, Gary Hoffman, convinced them to loan money to a woman named Jennifer Lindsey Bell. The woman was supposed to use the money to rent out apartments for the World Cup in 2014, charge a premium rate and make millions of dollars for them. Heather and Terry signed an agreement which stated Hoffman would reimburse the couple if the deal went back, but when the time came, Jennifer’s check bounced and Hoffman said he didn’t have the money. Furthermore, they found out Hoffman wasn’t even a Certified Public Accountant! They have sued both Jennifer and Gary and are offering a $25,000 for any information that would lead to the arrest Bell.

7. Building Their New Home

It seems Heather and Terry’s storyline always involves either building a home, selling a house or moving in to a new house. This might be because their newest home has been under construction for nearly two and a half years! Not long after the couple joined the show, they sold their beautiful mansion overlooking the Newport Harbor. They claimed someone came knocking on their door and gave them an offer they simply could not refuse. Heather and Terry then found a new lot above Newport Coast and decided to build a bigger and better house than the one they sold in Pelican Crest community. According to Variety, the couple bought their new lot for $4,1800,000 and its located at the tail end of a rich cul-de-sac in the gated community known as Crystal Cove. Heather has stated on the show that it was Terry’s idea to build a new home, but he hasn’t exactly been apart of the design process because he’s so busy with work. So for the past two years Heather has been busy designing and supervising the construction of their new home. In the few months before they moved in she banned Terry from the site so that she could make sure the house was fully furnished and decorated before she revealed the entire thing to him. Their new 20,000-square-foot mansion includes a champagne bell in Heather’s closet, a movie theatre, 14 bathrooms, a lap pool and and underground garage with a dumbwaiter to lift the car up to ground level! Of course to celebrate the completion of their new home, Heather stocked thousands of dollars worth of champagne in their mega-wine fridge.

6. Consult Beaute

Heather and Terry Dubrow are the ultimate power couple. These two have been incredibly successful not only separately, but also together. Terry is recognized as one of the most prominent plastic surgeons in all of America with his own show co-starring alongside fellow plastic surgeon and former housewife husband, Paul Nassif. Their show Botched spawned two spin-offs called Botched: Post-Op which is co-hosted by none other than Heather and Botched by Nature. On the other hand, Heather had a successful acting career before she started her family and she’s even managed to continue acting with appearances on shows here and there. She had a segment on Good Day L.A., now runs her own podcast called Heather Dubrow’s World and has joined forces with her husband to create a new skincare line. Their skincare line is called Consult Beaute and features high concept, high-tech and high-end collection of products from supplements to lotions. The products are all geared towards age fighting. But where can we buy it? The Dubrows have teamed up with Evine which is a digital retailer with its own television network, “We now have a gigantic skincare line that’s the No. 1 line at Evine.com with $12 million in sales a year,” said Terry.

5. Fertility Problems

This season on The Real Housewives of Orange County viewers are learning more about Meghan King Edmonds fertility journey and how she and husband, Jim Edmonds are having to go through IVF in order to get pregnant. However, she’s not the only Orange County housewife who’s taken this route! Heather and Terry experienced difficulty when trying to have children, and Heather calls her fourth child a “miracle.” Their first three children, twins Nicholas and Maximilla and daughter Katarina were concieved through in vitro while Collette was conceived naturally. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter she said, “I keep talking about how I have this surprise fourth child and someone online was ragging on me about it last night, and the truth is that I had three children by in vitro. I had a lot of, personally me, not [my husband], but me, I had a lot of fertility problems. So to have a natural child was shocking, and I think I’m still a little shocked by the whole thing and I was ready to go back to work, my other three were in school full-time, and it really changed everything.”

4. How They Met

Heather and Terry recently celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary! That is a huge success for a prominent Orange County couple and in the world of reality television. Their story of how they met isn’t as romantic as we’d think — they actually met on a blind date! Heather revealed on her podcast that when she was only 27-years-old she asked her friend’s boyfriend, who happened to be a transplant surgeon, if he knew of any Jewish doctors that he could set her up with. She was then set up on a date with none other than Terry Dubrow, “He wasn’t really my type, but you know, I was like, ‘We’ll see.'” Tery was 37-years-old at the time, 10 years her senior! She described him as, “dark hair, [he] didn’t dress very well, [and], you know, needed help as most men do.”


3. Falling in Love

Heather claims their relationship wasn’t love at first sight as many couples claim, mostly because she felt like Terry had that typical doctor cockiness of confidence. They continued their relationship talking on the phone and hanging out, but she didn’t know he was the one until one particular night after they shared their first kiss and Terry called her afterwards: “He goes, ‘You know what kissing you is like?’ And I said, ‘What?’ ‘You know how you’re a kid, and you wake up on Saturday morning, and you realize you don’t have to go to school, and you turn over, and you find that amazing place on the pillow again? That’s what it’s like to kiss you.'” She then visited him in Newport where he lived and got to see him in his element, which to her was extremely sexy. “To me the sexiest thing in the whole world is seeing someone in their element, you know, seeing him in like scrubs and there’s, like, needles flying, and he’s walking around, and he’s in command of the place. It was a turn-on. It was sexy as hell.” The couple later went on a weekend getaway to San Francisco and Napa Valley which is when she realized she was going to marry him, “It was like we were a married couple. It’s like, we saw each other, smiled, gave each other a kiss, and it was magical, and it was done.” She uprooted her life from New York City to Newport Beach to be with Terry and they got married in 1998. Heather and Terry now share four children together, three girls and one boy.


2. They Wrote a Book Together

Heather often refers to her and Terry as the guinea pigs because they’ll test out any kind of beauty tips or tricks for their skincare products. The two make a great team with Terry’s expertise as a doctor and Heather’s view as a high end consumer, it just works! The couple was experience a lot of success from their skincare beauty line so they decided to write a book that tackles misconceptions about procedures, treatments and products that are out there. Not only is it a great business opportunity for them, but it helps with their relationship. Heather has said on the show that it gives them something to do together and adds to their lack of time spent with one another. In an interview with Terry also commented on how working together on the book has strengthened their relationship: “We wrote a book called Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig, so we now are together more than ever before and it’s changed the nature of our relationship so that we see each other all the time and we’re mixing business with pleasure perfectly. And Heather is the perfect business partner because she’s super organized and she’s the ultimate purveyor of taste and style. And she’s got a little M.D. so she knows tons and tons of medicine and beauty. If you told me I’d be working with my wife 10 years ago, I would said that’s never going to work for us. It completely transformed our relationship from being relatively separated to being really connected.”

1. Terry and Heather Sued for Extortion

The Dubrows have found themselves embroiled in yet another scandal. Instead of being the ones who are suing, this time Heather and Terry are now being sued, and surprisingly it’s for extortion! According to TMZ, the couple is being sued by Steve Czik, a lawyer who alleges that Terry and Heather were extorting him after their business investment went wrong. This scandal is related to their previous fiasco involving a bad investment of nearly $2 million into the business venture of renting properties during the 2014 World Cup. Heather and Terry had filed a lawsuit against their former accountant Gary Hoffman, his friend and attorney Steve Czik and the con artist herself, Jennifer Lindsay Bell. However, things have now turned around and the Real Housewives couple finds themselves on the defense as Czik claims he was threatened by Terry in an email. The email from Terry to Czik reads, “Your photo will be published in every magazine and all over Instagram if you don’t pay us.” The normally kind and humble reality star also added, “how f-cking stupid are you?” Also, Terry supposedly called him a “lying scum sucking a–hole” and boasted that TMZ would cover the story. This whole situation really contradicts their current images as the adorable, polite mannered couple we’ve seen on television. Czik is now also suing for harassment and defamation as Terry has blasted him publicly on Twitter.

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