RHOC’s Tamra Judge’s 6 Most Controversial Moments

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The women on Bravo’s reality series Real Housewives are definitely the backbone of entertainment on the shows with their drama, endless gossip and over-the-top wealth. However, some of the women offer up a little more and are more inclined to be in the midst of an argument or controversial scandal. Among these women are Tamra Judge. She’s been on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County for 7 seasons and during her time on the show she’s been through a lot: end of her marriage, loss of friendships, custody battles, new relationships, a new marriage and so on. It’s safe to say she left the door to her life wide open for her reality television career. We’ve compiled a list of Tamra Judge’s 6 most controversial moments while filming the Real Housewives:

6. Gossip About Shannon Beador’s Marriage

In the beginning of Real Housewives of Orange County ninth season things seemed to be going well for Tamra as she bonded with the newest housewife Shannon Beador. However, things took a turn when she got caught up in rumors of leaked gossip. It turns out, Shannon confided in Tamra about personal matters within her marriage which Tamra then leaked to her friend Heather Dubrow. The whole scandal caused a wave of arguments to come and Tamra was caught in the middle of a web of her own lies. It was a rough season for her and she seems to have recovered and mended her relationship with Shannon, but at the time people were seriously doubting her integrity.

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5. Hosting a Erotic Party

Tamra and Eddie hosted a “s-x party” to promote their shared business CUT Fitness. The whole party was extremely risky with nearly nude servers and erotic toys, as well as Tamra’s nearly see-through outfit. The party was filmed for the show, but many of the other housewives didn’t seem too thrilled about the adult theme. It was reported that Tamra had pulled out “a large pink strap-on and was walking around the party holding it” making a lot of her guests extremely uncomfortable. This is just another example of when Tamra takes things a little TOO far.

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4. Topless in Tahiti

In season 10 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, the women all travel to Tahiti together on vacation. It’s not unusual for Tamra or some of the other women like Vicki to get a little wild when the liquor starts flowing, but this was more than some of the viewers bargained for. She spent a good while of the vacation running around topless wearing only a pair of skimpy underwear and then taking a skinny dip in the water outside their huts. It was a little risky, especially since there were other vacationers not too far away…we’re thinking this is probably something her children are going to be embarrassed about. We learned in the reunion episode that she had lost custody of her eldest daughter, and this type of behavior doesn’t help her case!

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3. Limo Fight with Simon

Throughout season 5 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, we began to see the demise of Tamra and Simon’s marriage. There were a few bickering fights here and there, a lot of them to do with Simon doing his best to reel in Tamra’s behavior or accusing her of discussing their marital problems with Vicki. However, it all came to a head in the season finale when they were headed to the last party of the summer. Simon and Tamra had been fighting even before leaving the house, but it was during the limo ride when things really blew up. Simon told Tamra that he didn’t like the influence Vicki had over her. He said, “You’re like Vicki. You talk to me like I’m Donn and I’m sick of it.” Tamra screamed back, “You’re a nasty, vile person…You can go f-ck yourself. I want a divorce! F-ck you!” The whole thing was caught on camera and in hindsight probably could have been handled in a much more mature manner, but what most people like about Tamra is that she doesn’t hold back. However, with children involved, this was one of those instances when she should have waited for the cameras to stop rolling.

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2. Wine Toss

This happened back in 2010 at a party in Orange County during the finale episode of Real Housewives of Orange County season 6. At this time Tamra’s divorce from Simon was a hot topic in the press and the two were embroiled in a heated battle. In the midst of it all, a former real housewives cast member, Jeana Keough openly voiced her support for Simon Barney. She claimed that Tamra was making false accusations about him in order to receive a better deal in the divorce and talking to the media about it all which was upsetting Tamra deeply. In the midst of a classy party, Tamra ran into Jeana and the two exchange nasty words. Things escalated very quickly and Tamra told Jeana to “stay out of my life” and threw her glass of red wine in Jeana’s face. Yikes!

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1. Bathtub Scene

Tamra has since publicly stated that she regrets the whole filming the bathtub scene and that she “got caught up in the moment, was drinking wine and forgot that the cameras were around.” Not too mention, her ex-husband Simon has used this specific scene as fuel in their vicious custody battle. The whole thing was extremely controversial because despite the fact that her and Simon had been separated for quite some time and both dating other people, they were not ‘officially’ divorced yet. Tamra has also been heavily criticized for this scene because of her children. The scene was a bit too hot and heavy for a Bravo show and even more so for a mother of four small kids! Unfortunately, the whole thing went to air and got a received a backlash of media buzzing negativity.

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