MTV’s Catfish: 10 Craziest Episodes

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MTV’s hit series Catfish just began its sixth season and it isn’t hard to see why it has captivated fans. On its own it is amazing for viewers to find out how many people have impersonated other people online and kept up the facade for even years while maintaining relationships with someone who has no idea they aren’t who they say they are. While the premise began because many people “catfished” their online dates, the show has seen family members catfish family members, friends catfish friends, and enemies go after the person they hate using an online identity. Fans have seen a lot of intense Catfish episodes, and these are the 10 craziest of all:

10. Jesse & Brian (Season 2)

Loyal Catfish fans are well aware that the stories rarely end happily, but in season two, Nev and Max actually helped in bringing a couple together. Jesse first met Brian on Facebook and was instantly attracted to the ex marine. The pair chatted for three years, and when Jesse drove for miles to finally meet him in person, he never showed up and stopped answering her calls, leading everyone to believe it wasn’t really him or it was all a lie. As it turns out the stress triggered a PTSD episode for the ex-marine that led to him being arrested. The whole situation was worsened because of the military equipment he had in his backpack. Luckily, the pair finally met and it seemed to be a happy ending for a real couple. Unfortunately, after their second meeting, Brian said Jesse was “a different person” and called the whole thing off for good.

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9. Jasmine & Mike (Season 1)

Season one’s most memorable episode was episode four between Jasmine and Mike. Jasmine told Nev and Max that she and Mike had been texting for two years but had never spoken on the phone. Jasmine felt a strong connection with Mike, but once Catfish stepped in, it was soon revealed that “Mike” was actually Jasmine’s once friend Mhissy and Mhissy made Mike up so that Jasmine would stay away from her current boyfriend Triggs, who Jasmine had dated previously. The episode was dramatic and it seemed for sure a real fight was going to explode between the two women, but they revealed that they have not had contact since filming ended.

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8. Ramon & Paola (Season 2)

Season two was without a doubt the craziest season of Catfish yet, and that in part had to do with Ramon and Paola’s story in episode three. Ramon contacted the series after beginning a relationship with Paola, a woman he had only met on Facebook. He admitted they had skyped before but she looked “completely different” from her photos and that didn’t stop him from sending her two thousand dollars. The episode was crazy due to the fact that Paola turned out to be Loyda, but she showed Ramon that in their skype sessions, the problem is Ramon “didn’t want to believe” Loyda really was Paola. As for Loyda, she used the money Ramon had sent and bought herself an engagement ring and told her friends and family Ramon had proposed. The whole thing was weird, and Nev wasn’t happy that Ramon knew all along who she really was, but refused to believe it. Now, Loyda has moved on and married a man whom she also met online.

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7. Mike & Caroline (Season 2)

Another one of season two’s wackiest episodes was the story between Mike and Caroline. Mike met Caroline through online dating and the two became very close due to the fact “Caroline” was suffering from colon cancer, which Mike’s mother had passed away from. The story was especially sad because of the fact it seemed someone was using the death as a way to get close to Mike, and not only did that turn out to be true, it also was revealed that Mike was being catfished by a woman who had done it to him before! Caroline was actually Heather, who had tricked Mike before and when he found out she made the identity of Caroline and then made up the cancer because she was afraid he was going to leave again. Heather was obviously a horrible person for using Mike’s mother’s cancer to her benefit, but Mike handled it as well as he could. He ended up skyping with the girl Heather had used Caroline’s photos for, but they just remained friends.

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6. Keyonnah & Bow Wow (Season 2)

This episode was without a doubt one of the craziest ever, and it definitely deserves its place on this list! Episode 14 of the season saw a woman named Keyonnah who was “sixty percent” convinced she had been chatting with rapper and actor Bow Wow for about four months. As per usual, she wasn’t completely convinced because they had never video chatted, but the fact “his assistant” sent her $10,000 helped her believe it was actually the rapper. In the end, it was not Bow Wow, not surprising, but it was a girl named Dee who went on to explain she likes to catfish straight girls into thinking she’s a guy. Dee had gotten her cousin Fred to talk to Keyonnah on the phone for the male voice, and then went on to say she was so good at convincing straight girls she is a guy, it has even worked during sex! Despite the catfishing, both girls got to meet Bow Wow and remained in contact.

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5. Paris & Tara (Season 5)

After a relatively calm season four, season five saw a lot of unbelievable episode including the one between Paris and Tara. Paris met Tara in a chatroom four years ago and although they never met, the two became very close. Paris did her own cyber sleuthing to make sure Tara was for real, and was pretty sure she was not, she just needed Nev and Max to confirm her suspicions. After offering up people who could be catfishing her, many signs pointed to her ex Mary, who then revealed a lot of things about Paris to the two hosts. Turns out Mary had moved to Chicago with plans to live with Paris and start their life together, but when she showed up (with her son and mother) Paris turned them away and broke up with Mary, leaving her to go to a homeless shelter. Paris said she never told Mary they would be living together, and didn’t know she wouldn’t have a place to live. Of course, in the end, Tara was Mary who, although happily married, made the whole thing up to get revenge, but also as a way to stay close to Paris.

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4. Artis & Jess (Season 2)

Of all of season two’s crazy episodes, the one featuring Artis and Jess has remained one of the most talked about Catfish episodes ever. It all began when Artis explained he had fallen for a girl online named Jess and was so in love with Jess he was ready to leave his current girlfriend, who was also the mother of his three children, in order to pursue a real relationship with “Jess.” At the meet-up it was soon discovered Jess was actually a man named Justin who used fake online accounts to expose cheaters. Justin was particularly weird and seemed to want a fight as soon as he arrived. Afterwards both Nev and Max admitted they were genuinely afraid of Justin, and tweeted about how crazy the whole thing (and Justin was) on social media. Artis ended up confessing to his girlfriend, who took the whole thing well, and said Artis’ honesty strengthened their relationship. Many felt that the whole thing seemed staged, and afterwards Justin and Artis became close friends, or already were. The two released a video saying their episode was not real, and even attacked Nev for “presenting a character.”

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3. Lucas & Many (Season 5)

Season five of Catfish ended up presenting fans with one of the creepiest catfishers of all time which resulted in one of the craziest episodes. The episode started with a single mother named Jayme contacting Nev and Max because she knew something was off with a man she met online named Lucas. She took it upon herself to do a reverse image search of “Lucas” and as she thought, it wasn’t really him. Things really took a turn however when another woman got in touch with Jayme because she had also been in a “relationship” with Lucas. Both women got the exact same story from Lucas, and had sent him intimate photos. The other woman revealed however that once she booked a flight to go to him, the man revealed he had done the same to around 400 other women and it was all a lie. Eventually Lucas was discovered to be Zac, and Nev and Max along with Jayme and two other women he had catfished, confront Zac in what turned out to be one of the weirdest meet-ups in Catfish history. Zac didn’t seem at all concerned about the fact he led on over 400 women in an elaborate lie, and things got even more weird when he was asked about all the intimate photos and videos women had sent him. Although he said he deleted them, Nev took his phone and soon discovered many files containing the images. Zac was eerily calm about what he had done, and in a way tried to blame it on the women for believing him, although eventually Max and Nev got him to be a bit more sincere and delete all of his social accounts.

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2. Whitney & Bre (Season 4)

The producers of Catfish work hard to go through applicants’ cases before handing them over to Max and Nev because they know how many people would make up stories just to be on the show. It seemed one slipped through their investigation however with Whitney and Bre’s episode in season four. Catfish was essentially catfished when Whitney told the show she had been talking to an exotic dancer in L.A. and they had been in a four-year relationship, although she never got to video chat with Bre because she didn’t have wi-fi (which sounds like the average catfish excuse). After going through their chats however, Max and Nev found out that the pair had videochatted and were just using MTV and Catfish as a way to see each other because they couldn’t afford plane tickets themselves. Despite being angry about the con, Nev and Max couldn’t pass up the chance to actually a unite a happy couple and flew Whitney from New York to L.A. anyway.

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1. Spencer & Katy (Season 5)

Over Catfish‘s many seasons and episodes, fans have come to see quite a few odd or quirky people either being catfished or doing the catfishing, and season five’s Spencer was one of the oddest. Spencer set himself up as one of the most gullible people to ever appear on the show when he said he had been talking for awhile to none other than pop star Katy Perry. Spencer was convinced it really was Perry, and she loved him, despite everyone’s complete and utter disbelief. Spencer said he knew it was her, and was quite convincing, because she had shared unreleased tracks with him, and then revealed he had even made an engagement ring for “Katy” out of his great grandmother’s emerald. Before long, and despite Spencer being adamant that it was Katy Perry, Max and Nev discovered he was actually talking to a woman named Harriet who lived in England. The episode just became more and more crazy as Spencer insisted that it wasn’t Harriet he was talking to even though he had been given evidence that it was, and for the first time ever, they flew out to England! Spencer then seem a little unhinged as he declared that Katy had been speaking to him in the songs she sent and leaving him “clues.” Finally, once faced with Harriet, who confessed to the whole thing, Spencer STILL did not believe it was her he had been talking to and was still convinced Katy Perry was in love with him, leaving everyone involved stunned. Eventually Spencer realized he had been catfished, but in the follow-up portion of the episode, Harriet revealed that Spencer continued to email her convinced he was talking to Perry and even told her about meeting up with Harriet! If you ever need an unbelievable Catfish episode to watch, this is the one.

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