Stunning Soap Opera Character Returns Of 2020

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Soap fans get excited when a favorite character makes a triumphant return, and it’s all that more enjoyable when they’re not expecting it. This year, the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B), Days Of Our Lives (DOOL), General Hospital (GH) and the Young And The Restless (Y&R) astonished viewers with some amazing homecomings. The following are 12 of the stunning character returns of 2020.

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12. Britt Westbourne – GH

Britt “The Britch” Westbourne first showed up in Port Charles in 2012 but left in 2018. Viewers were stunned when she returned in March to surprise her best friend Brad but left town shortly afterward. In September, she made her triumphant return to the hospital when mobster Cyrus hired her as his Chief of Staff.

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11. Jackie Templeton – GH

Another surprising 2020 GH return was Jackie Templeton. Originally portrayed by actress Demi Moore, Jackie was only in Port Charles for about two years, from 1982 until 1984. She had been romantically involved with Robert and when that didn’t work out she left town. When she returned in September, portrayed by All My Children actress Kim Delaney, Robert was stunned to run into her, just as viewers were stunned to see Jackie’s return after all these years.

10. Jan Spears – DOOL

Jan Spears was first introduced on DOOL in 1999 as a poor little rich girl and she was a troublemaker from the get-go. She bullied Chloe and caused some major relationship angst for Shawn and Belle. She left the canvas in 2005 but returned for the digital series Last Blast Reunion, which took place in New York City. Jan reappeared in Salem in September when Sami asked her to testify on her behalf against Nicole in a custody battle. Most recently, Jan had Belle kidnapped on her wedding day, replaced her at the altar and forced Shawn to marry her at gunpoint. The character departed Salem in November, but will the troublemaker return one day?

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9. Dante Falconeri – GH

Sonny’s son Dante Falconeri seemed to be written off GH in 2018 but did return for a week-long stint in 2019. However, fans thought he was gone for good when he departed the canvas and ended his marriage to Lulu due to his struggles with PTSD. Fans were amazed and thrilled when he was released from the WSB and returned to Port Charles for good in September.

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8. Gloria Bardwell – Y&R

Pot stirrer Gloria Bardwell was a welcome sight for viewer’s sore eyes when she returned to the Y&R in October. Introduced in 2004, Gloria is a fan favorite who stirs up trouble wherever she goes, so no one was all that surprised to learn that she returned to Genoa City with a secret. Her sons Michael and Kevin, who know her all too well, believe she’s hiding something and only time will tell what it is. Hopefully, viewers will see more of her in 2021.

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7. Philip Kiriakis – DOOL

Viewers had seen Philip on the DOOL digital spin-off Last Blast Reunion in late 2019 but were surprised and happy to see him return to the sudser in the summer of 2020. Since he’s been back, Philip has caused major trouble for Xander, who was poised to take over Titan Industries. Now he and Sarah are trying to dig up as much dirt on Philip as they can. What will they uncover about Victor’s son?

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6. Marcus Taggert – GH

When Marcus Taggert reappeared on fans’ screens in early 2020, after an almost 20-year absence, they were flabbergasted. The popular cop came back to Port Charles to help Sonny out in his mob war with Cyrus. He was also in town to protect his daughter Trina. Viewers thought it was all over for Taggert when he seemingly met his demise a few weeks later. But then producers pulled a fast one, surprising fans once again. Taggert hadn’t passed away after all. He’s now back in town on the low-down, helping Sonny get the goods on Cyrus and living across the street from the mobster.

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5. Zende Forrester – B&B

Zende Forrester hadn’t been in Los Angeles since 2017, when he and his wife Nicole left for Paris. The adopted son of Kristen Forrester and Tony Dominguez, he first appeared as a child in 2001. In September, a newly single Zende arrived back at Forrester Creations, ready to work and ripe for a new love interest. The first woman who caught his eye was Zoe but alas, she’s now engaged to Carter. Will Zende find love with Zoe’s sister Paris?

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4. Julius Avant – B&B

Julius Avant only returned for a day in 2020, but viewers were thrilled to see him, nonetheless. When he paid Zende a visit, the fashion designer was fully expecting a lecture about his marriage to Julius’ daughter Nicole ending. Instead, what he heard from his former father-in-law was some sage advice to follow his heart.

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3. Holly Sutton – GH

Holly Sutton first appeared on GH in 1982 and was seen time and again on the sudser until 2015. Her father Robert was stunned, however, when he received a phone call in August informing him that Holly had passed away. Robert and Olivia traveled to Monte Carlo and discovered an unmarked grave that they believed was Holly’s. So, it was to many fans’ surprise when it was revealed in September that Holly was alive but being held hostage by an unknown perpetrator. Will viewers see Holly again next year?

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2. Nina Webster – Y&R

Viewers were also surprised to see the return of Nina Webster on the Y&R. The character hadn’t been in Genoa City since 2014. She was back in November to attend the wedding of her son Chance as he married Abby, the love of his life. While Nina’s been in town, she’s already had the opportunity to visit with her old friends Christine and Lauren. It’s unknown how long Nina will be back in Genoa City, but fans hope to see more of her in the coming months.

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1. Ava Vitali – DOOL

DOOL fans hadn’t seen Ava Vitali on their screens since 2017. A mob heiress, she immediately became enamored and obsessed with Patch, when she first arrived in town in 2008. During her time in Salem, she kidnapped Kayla and tried to set her up for attempted murder. Viewers thought Ava had met her demise when Kayla and Steve’s son Joey smothered her with a pillow while she lay in a hospital bed in 2017. And most were genuinely astonished when she showed up seemingly out of the blue in November. What kind of trouble will Ava get into in Salem this time around?

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