Gilmore Girls: Rory’s Most Annoying Moments


Gilmore Girls is one of the most beloved series of all time. Created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, the show ran for seven seasons from 2000 to 2007 and was recently brought back by popular demand for a Netflix revival. What made the show such a cult classic was the witty dialogue and amazing chemistry between the two leading ladies, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. We love Gilmore Girls as much as the next person, but we must admit there were a few downfalls to Rory’s character (which we of course, forgive her for). Here’s a list of Rory’s 10 most annoying moments on the show!

10. She Gets Mad at Logan’s Skit

This was before Logan and Rory started dating, but it was clear these two had a ‘thing’ for each other. Rory typically has a very good sense of humor and is constantly cracking jokes with Lorelai at inappropriate times, but when Logan, Finn and Colin barged into her lecture to put on a goofy skit, she got totally offended. Instead of seeing the humor in it and laughing it off like any other person would, she called Logan a “buttface miscreant” and was actually pretty upset about it. Rory’s not usually very dramatic, so her reaction was a little surprising!

9. Yells at Lorelai for Sleeping with Chris

At the end of season 6, Lorelai and Luke break up when Lorelai realizes he isn’t ready to get married. She is devastated and falls into the arms of Chris. Lorelai makes the mistake of sleeping with Chris before she can even fully process her break-up with Luke. When Rory finds out her mother slept with her father, she gets really mad because she doesn’t want it to affect her relationship with her father. It’s clear Lorelai is in a fragile state and is upset by what happened, but then her daughter scolds her and completely shuns her until she sees Lorelai break down over it. Yes, Lorlai shouldn’t have slept with Chris, but Rory isn’t perfect. Remember when she slept with a married man?

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8. When she Stole a Yacht

In the episode “Blame Booze and Melville” at the end of season 5, Rory decides to go from being a goody-two-shoes to a juvenile delinquent — and she drags Logan into it! In the end, he takes most of the blame for it happening in the first place after Lorelai is convinced she did it because of him. The whole reason she stole the boat was because Logan’s father Mitchum Huntzberger told her she “didn’t have what it takes” to be a successful journalist. The criticism sent her into a downward spiral and out of nowhere she decided to steal a yacht! She ends up getting a pretty harsh punishment with 300 hours of community service, which should have snapped her back to reality, but it still took her a long time to turn her life around after that.

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7. Strings Dean Along When She Likes Jess

During the early seasons, Rory and Dean’s relationship seemed perfect. In fact, it basically was until Jess showed up and Rory being the a teenager that she was, managed to develop feelings for Jess. We can’t blame her for that. The part we don’t like was when she continued to date Dean into season 3 when she clearly knew that she was in love with Jess. She used Dean to make Jess jealous, and eventually Dean realized he was being used as a pawn in their little love triangle and broke up with her at the Stars Hollow Dance Marathon. She doesn’t waste any time mourning her relationship with Dean and jumped right into Jess’s open arms. Ouch!

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6. Fat Shames the Ballerina

In season four’s episode 8, “Die, Jerk,” Rory gets a bad reaction from her first review in the Yale Daily News. One of her first assignments for the paper is to review the performance of a show and apparently Rory didn’t hold back on her opinion of the lead ballerina. In fact, she totally fat shamed her! First she insulted the woman’s performance, then completely humiliated her by ripping apart her appearance when she pointed out her “roll around the bra strap.” From a seemingly non-confrontational girl, Rory was downright mean in this episode!

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5. Pretends She Doesn’t Know Marty

Rory met Marty during one of her first nights at Yale. They quickly became friends in season 4, but their friendship fell apart after Marty confessed he had feelings for Rory and she didn’t feel the same way. He reappeared in season 7 as the boyfriend of Rory’s new friend, Lucy. When Rory meets Lucy’s boyfriend and realizes it’s Marty, he pretends like they are meeting for the first time. Rory is taken aback at first, so she just goes along with it. What’s surprising is that she continues to go along with it and never fixes the situation. Instead she complains about it to her mother and Logan when it’s such an easy problem to fix. This whole situation makes Rory look like a bad friend, especially when Lucy hears about it from Logan during a double date. By then it had been going on for months!


4. Rory Misses Lorelai’s Graduation

This was definitely a very heartbreaking episode because Rory missed one of the biggest moments of her mom’s life and all for a stupid boy! Her mother made it abundantly clear that she needed Rory there, but of course, that didn’t matter to Rory! In the episode titled “Lorelai’s Graduation” in season 2, Rory skips school and buses to New York in hopes of finding Jess. Jess had skipped town after they got in an accident and basically bailed on her, but she still traveled all that way to see him for the day. When she went to bus home, there was a delay in the bus schedule, so she missed her mother’s graduation entirely! If the roles were reversed, Lorelai would never do that to Rory. In fact, Lorelai is Rory’s biggest supporter and the one time she needs her, Rory isn’t there. How selfish!

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3. Gets Into Fight with Grandparents

We were so happy when Rory finally came to her senses and decided to return to Yale. Around the same time, she gets into a huge fight with her grandparents. Prior to this she was in a fight with her mother, who refused to accept the fact that she was dropping out of Yale. She pulled the brattiest move ever when she snuck out of her mother’s house and into her grandparent’s pool house before Lorelai could even resist. Gilmore Girls fans know this the the ultimate betrayal for Lorelai. Clearly Rory isn’t good at resolving conflict. When she gets into a fight with her grandparents, she flees their house, returns home to her mother and then rejects their money (which she happily accepted before) without any word of explanation. It’s all very childish and for once we actually felt really bad for Emily and Richard. They were left completely in the dark which isn’t a great way to thank them for all of their support!

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2. Sleeps with a Married Man

In season 4’s episode “Raincoats and Recipes,” Rory sleeps with Dean, who also happens to be married to Lindsey at the time. This is by far one of Rory’s worst moments. She usually has a very strong moral compass and for someone who cared enough to save her virginity for that long, it was surprising she gave it up so easily to Dean, especially in those unusual circumstances. Not exactly romantic! Things weren’t going well for Dean and Lindsey, but Rory and Dean definitely took things a little too far by having an affair and then parading their relationship around town before his divorce was even settled. She got mad when Lorelai confronted her about it and then fled to Europe with her grandmother when she didn’t want to face the consequences. The whole thing was really childish and in the end she ended up treating Dean badly all over again!

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1. Rory Drops Out of Yale

Season 6 was hard to watch because viewers knew Rory was making a huge mistake by dropping out of college out of sheer self pity. She got some unexpected feedback from Mitchum Huntzberger during her internship and instead of proving him wrong, she fed right into it! This was annoying because for a long time the whole series was geared towards Rory becoming a journalist and getting into an Ivy League school. She was doing a great job in her classes and at the Yale Daily, so why let one comment ruin it all? This girl definitely has a flair for the dramatics! Not only that, but she was acting like a spoiled brat considering her grandparents had forked out the money for her to go to school and she was ready to so easily throw in the towel. Her reaction to a little criticism might have proved that Mitchum was right after all, she just doesn’t have that special spunk to build a successful career as a journalist.

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