Gilmore Girls Revival: Big Spoilers From The Netflix Series

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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is finally available on Netflix and it’s even better than we imagined. We have been hearing various spoilers for the revival series for months now and some were definitely on point! A lot happened in the four new episodes, so we’re recapping some of the most shocking spoilers:

10. Rory’s Got a New Man

As predicted, there’s a man in Rory’s life named Paul, but he’s not that new. He and Rory have been dating for a while but, when he shows up for dinner at Lorelai’s, she and Luke don’t even remember having met him before! Rory doesn’t seem particularly into this Paul dude because there’s something else in her life that she’s been hung up on…

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9. Rory and Logan Still Hooking Up

Despite breaking up with Logan back when she finished college, they’re still hooking up – even though she’s technically dating Paul. She’s been traveling a lot for work and, whenever she’s been in London, she’s been meeting up with Logan who, despite hooking up with Rory, is engaged to a French heiress, Odette. Rory finds out while she’s in Stars Hollow that his French fiancé has moved with him and breaks thing off, but Logan comes to visit her with Colin and Finn and they have a wild night out together, which leads to them hooking up again.

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8. Luke and Lorelai Wanted a Baby

Luke and Lorelai are back on and they’re also living together! Things between them are pretty serious, so serious in fact that they were that they were considering having a child together. They sought out a surrogate at a surrogacy center – owned by Paris Gellar – but Luke nixed the idea. Even though they have stayed together despite this, things have kind of stagnated between them.

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7. Rory’s Random Hook Up

While researching a story for GQ on the psychology of standing in lines, Rory meets a guy in a Wookie suit, who is waiting in line for a collectable item. Even though she is still in a relationship with Paul, she has a one-night thing with the Wookie! Oh, Rory!

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6. Luke Was in Richard’s Will

Even though Lorelai’s father Richard never approved of Luke, he leaves him money in his will for the expansion of Luke’s diner business. As Gilmore Girl fans know, Luke was never actually interested in franchising his business and he still isn’t.

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5. Emily’s New Life

Emily struggles to adjust to a life without her husband of 50 years and has a meltdown at one of her D.A.R meeting, but she ends up finding some peace. She sells her house and moves to Nantucket and gets a job as a tour guide at the local whaling museum. Talk about starting over!

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4. Lorelai’s Expanding The Dragonfly Inn

For months Lorelai has feared that Michel will quit his job at the inn and he does just that! To keep him interested in working there, she decides to create an annex location and asks Emily to let her use the money intended for Luke’s diner from her dad’s will to fund it and Emily agrees – as long as Lorelai goes to visit her regularly at her new home in Nantucket.


3. Lorelai Hikes the Pacific Coast Trail

With her relationship with Luke on the rocks and after a major fight with Rory, Lorelai decides to take a page out of Cheryl Strayed’s book Wild (which was turned into the critically acclaimed film by the same name) and run off to California to hike the Pacific Coast Trail. This is particularly shocking because Lorelai’s always hated anything remotely like exercise. Lucky for her, the hiking experience leads her to some revelations about her life and relationships.

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2. Lorelai and Luke Get Married

Gilmore Girl fans have been waiting for Luke and Lorelai to tie the knot since the first season of the show and in the revival series we finally get that! Lorelai suggests they get married and he already has a ring ready! Although they initially plan to get married in front of the town, they elope instead.


1. Rory’s Pregnant

The most shocking thing of all were the last four words – Rory tells her mother that’s pregnant. It doesn’t seem like she even knows who the father is. She was dating that guy named Paul while sleeping with Logan and then she hooked up with that guy in a Wookie costume. All we know for sure right now is that we need more episodes. Now.

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