Country Music’s 8 Most Eligible Bachelors

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Country music has been blowing up lately and increasingly gaining popularity. One of the best parts about country music is the good looking musicians behind the songs! Here’s a look at 8 of the hottest bachelors in country music right now:

8. Brett Eldredge

This blue eyed, bearded country crooner is on fire with his first two albums, Bring You Back and Illinois, producing 8 singles to the land on the country charts. At 30 years old, he’s still single. Brett is also very active on social media with Instagram and Snapchat (CMT even declared him the “Snapchat King”). He posts often, with cute, intimate, funny posts which is so wonderful because then you can know everything he likes and does and use that knowledge as power for when you might “accidentally” run into him. Brett also loves his Mama and is not ashamed to gush about her on Instagram. Just think, how good you would feel if he was giving YOU that kinda love and attention? Not to mention, have you seen those bathing suit photos? Woah. Yes, please.

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7. Chris Young

After getting his start on the CMT show Nashville Star, the “I’m Comin’ Over” singer Chris Young has gone onto a rather successful career in country music. His current chart topper “Think of You” is a tragic love song duet with singer Cassadee Pope, and it’s making us love him even more. Fortunately, he’s still freaking single. Chris Young is also a total philanthropist with multiple charity donations and he works with children’s charities, music charities and Stars for Stripes. On top of that, he’s a total family man, posting photos on his Instagram of his trip to Disney World with his fam jam. Looks like he needs a wife and kids to tow along with him…hint,hint, nudge, nudge.

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6. Jake Owen

Jake Owen is actually back ON the market, after announcing his split from wife of 3 years, Lacey, in late 2015. The couple share a daughter, Pearl. Nowadays, Jake thrives in his role as a single father while also coming out with hit after hit on the Country airways. The thing is with Jake is that fatherhood looks incredibly sexy on him. Your heart and your ovaries will be all a flutter.

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5. Kip Moore

Thirty-six, good looking, topping country charts, and still single? What’s up with that? In 2014, Kip revealed to People in an interview that his career was a relationship hindrance. Still relatively new to the country scene, it’s admirable that he can recognize that and remain single while he focuses on his career. The man spent 8 years in Nashville before ever signing a contract, so he’s committed to his craft. However, the hit song “Hey Pretty Girl” shows us that Kip is just a big ol’ romantic. We can wait it out, Kip. You’re worth it.


4. Sam Hunt

He’s quickly becoming the Justin Timberlake of country music, and Sam Hunt is even getting radio play with country songs on pop stations (you know you’ve got a hit when…). He’s capturing attention for his different style and not to mention, looks. Yeah, that’s shallow, but the guy is dreamy so it’s also just super factual. Sam has been single for a while, but never quite answering his status during interviews, maybe to keep his private life private or maybe to keep his options open (please please please). Early in 2016, he was rumored to have some sort of a potential love connection with actress Kaley Cuoco (recently divorced, herself) but that doesn’t seemed to have panned out to anything. So keep on the hunt, Sam!

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3. Hunter Hayes

The grown up teen heartthrob of country music is still making girls scream for him, and after a long term relationship, the singer appears to be single. It’s unsure whether he is or not, and while he has posted a photo of him with a girl recently, there’s nothing set in stone here it appears so he’s making the list. Until he’s off the market, he’s eligible. Hunter, now 24 years old, is not only a country singer, he can play over 30 instruments! No kidding, he’s playing the strings of our hearts, too.

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2. Kenny Chesney

On the country music scene for over 20 years, Kenny seemed like an eternal bachelor. Then, he shockingly married actress Renée Zellweger in 2005, just 4 months after they met at a tsunami relief event. Four months after that, however, they had their marriage annulled, so back to bachelorhood for the long-time country crooner. Hey, if George Clooney finally settled down, maybe there’s hope for Kenny too. In an interview on 60 Minutes, he chalked up his annulment to not knowing what it meant to be married but, now he does, and he can get it right next time.

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1. Dustin Lynch

Blue eyes — check. Dimples — check. Cowboy hat — check. Single — check. Count your country tin stars, ladies. He’s an eligible bachelor. The 31 year old singer is still relatively new to the country scene after moving to Nashville in 2003, and later in 2011, he was signed and released his first of two albums. He’s making a name for himself, and now is on tour with taken-but-still-a-heartthrob, Luke Bryan. He told Glamour magazine in an interview, “I’m too busy to settle down and have kids being on the road 300 days a year. I don’t want to do that to them or myself. I’m just chilling out and enjoying playing music.” So he’s saying he needs a groupie…

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