9 Soap Opera Couples We Never Thought Would Make It


Love certainly makes the soap opera world go round. There are times when two people look like they are simply made for soap opera super couple status and others that just don’t fit the bill. For many long-time and loyal fans, there is nothing better than seeing your favorite two soap stars in love and together, despite the many trials and tribulations thrown their way. Below is a list of nine soap opera couples that have simply made it…regardless of the odds stacked against them.

9. Belle Black and Shawn Brady – Days of Our Lives

It seemed these two were destined to be together since they were children. They hung out a considerable amount back then since their parents (Bo/Hope and Marlena/John) were close friends, so once they hit high school they instantly became lovebirds. These two have been through it all: people trying to manipulate things to keep them apart, affairs, baby paternity issues and did we mention affairs? Despite these issues, here they are in 2016 with a renewed lease on their relationship and their family. Some may have thought they wouldn’t make it after all these years, but they certainly have proved many wrong.

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8. Cane and Lily Ashby – The Young and the Restless

It seemed to almost take forever for these two to hook up in the first place back in 2008 when a 19-year-old Lily was smitten with a 31-year-old Cane. But once the age thing was cleared up, it was smooth sailing. Well, not really. Did they love each other and have incredible chemistry? Absolutely! They dealt with initial issues when it came Cane’s identity crisis and lying and then there was Lily’s cancer. When Cane’s past came back to haunt him and his Australian mob boss dad surfaced — that was certainly another challenge, but the love for each other was always there. Until just recently when Lily had an affair and all bets were off. Thankfully this Young and the Restless (Y&R) super couple was able to patch up this infidelity, not only for their kids, but for the unique love they share.

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7. Mac and Felicia Scorpio – General Hospital

We don’t see a lot of Mac and Felicia these days in Port Charles, but their love story is certainly one that many General Hospital (GH) fans thought would never make it. Felicia always held a torch for her ex, Frisco. Frisco would pop in and out of her life and when he came back, Felicia would drop everything to be with him. Such was the case in late 1994 when Frisco returned to town to be near his daughter Maxie during her heart transplant. Despite being with Mac, Felicia got caught up in her feelings and she slept with Frisco, thus breaking off her engagement to Mac. Frisco left town and left Felicia on her own while pregnant. Eventually Felicia went back to Mac. This back-and-forth between two men became a trend with Mac, Frisco and Felicia over the years, so much so, that Felicia left her girls in Mac’s care while she went off to be with Frisco. In the end on April 2013, after Frisco attempted (yet again) to steal Felicia from Mac, Felicia finally chose Mac (over Frisco) and they married a few months later that year.

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6. Victor and Maggie Kiriakis – Days of Our Lives

A very unlikely coupling, the idea here is that opposites do attract. Victor has softened up a tad over the years, but he’s still very much the stubborn, controlling and at times conniving Greek Tycoon fans simply love to hate versus the sweet, supportive and all-around-good Maggie Horton. Alas, after Maggie lost Mickey, she (and Days audiences alike) never thought the red-head could see love again. In 2011, she began to see the villainous Victor in a new light. While Vivian Alamain tried to keep these two apart, blackmailing Victor into marrying her and trying to bury Maggie in a sarcophagus, at the end of the day, true love cannot be stopped, (or buried for that matter). As of 2016, this couple is still enjoying marital bliss…despite some bumps in the road.

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5. Lauren Fenmore and Michael Baldwin – The Young and the Restless

Their marriage has to mark some sort of record book when it comes to daytime drama. Married for over 11 consecutive years, Lauren and Michael have an excellent marriage based on communication, not to mention making a valiant effort to keep the romance alive. Things seemed to be going smoothly for them for a long while, other than an encounter with Sheila – and her children – here and there to add a little chaos over the years. Still, more recently, their marriage has been put to the test with affairs, illness, and struggling with teenage issues that Fen had. Despite all these bumps in the road, this couple has overcome the odds, and remains happily together.

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4. Ellie and Damien Spinelli – General Hospital

So this young couple hasn’t fought that many insurmountable odds over the years, but they did challenge Maxie Jones for a while…and that is pretty much the same thing. Most GH fans would’ve bet the bank that Damien Spinelli and Maxie would’ve ended up together, especially after a one-night stand back in 2013 which resulted in their sweet, little girl named Georgie. Ellie is definitely the female version of Spinelli which seems odd that they would last the long haul – especially since opposites do attract in the world of soaps. Here we are many years later and Ellie and Damien are as happy as two peas in a pod, raising little Georgie, far away from Port Charles in Portland, Oregon.

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3. Marlena Evans and John Black – Days of Our Lives

How do you fall in love with a man who’s true identity is still hidden in the shadows after decades of being with him? That’s the question many DOOL fans ask themselves when it comes to Marlena Evans and John Black. After all these years and all the obstacles thrown in their way, they manage to stay united, and together. Marlena first fell in love with John when she thought he was her missing husband Roman. Years went by and when Roman returned, Marlena was forced to choose. She chose Roman, but clearly, her heart still yearned for John. After an affair that resulted in the conception of their daughter Belle, they united. They’ve battled the DiMeras, more specifically Stefano and Kirsten, and there was also a time when they had to jump over the hurdle of a meddling Sami. This couple has been one of many constants on the show over the years. DOOL has always had the DiMera family wreaking havoc in Salem, The Brady Pub serving good food and beverage, and of course super couple John and Marlena are together and happy.

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2. Jason Morgan and Sam McCall – General Hospital

A love story that spans well over a decade, these two became close shortly after Sam lost her baby girl in late 2004. Ironically enough, Sam first was involved with Jason’s BFF and mentor, Sonny Corinthos. But at this point in time that love story has been long forgotten. While they have been in their fair share of adventures, they were also once mortal enemies when Jason chose to be with Elizabeth Webber and shared a child with her. While things change, they seem to stay the same and when Jason returned to Port Charles in 2014 the love triangle between Liz/Jason/Sam re-ignited. Once Jake Doe’s true identity was revealed, it didn’t take long for JaSam to reunite and they are currently battling Uncle Valentin on Cassadine Island as a couple that has made it despite all the odds thrown their way.

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1. Victor and Nikki Newman – The Young and the Restless

Nikki recently turned her back on Victor when he stood trial for the Marco Annicelli case and it was safe to say that many Y&R fans thought this was the straw that would break the camel’s back. Still, that clearly wasn’t the case, since weeks after imprisonment, Victor was there to save the day and Nikki’s life at the Abbott cabin when Ian Ward kidnapped her. Despite the affairs, betrayals, lies, and oh-so much more, there is no Genoa City without Nikki and Victor. There are only two storylines with these lovebirds: ones that revolve around them being together and ones that revolve around them breaking up and trying to reunite.

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Dorathy Gass

Dorathy Gass

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