9 Crazy Stories Revealed By Celebrity Employees

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Celebrities might try their best to keep their personal lives as private as possible, but that doesn’t mean they always succeed. It’s one thing to try to keep the paparazzi and general public at bay, but secrets sometimes just can’t be kept from the people who are actually in your house. Whether it’s a maid, a nanny, or a personal assistant, the employees of celebrities can find themselves in possession of titillating tidbits about their famous employers and not all of them can manage to keep their mouths shut. Thank goodness for that! Here are 9 crazy stories revealed by celebrity employees.

9. Ryan Gosling Pees How?

It seems like there’s nothing that escapes the attention of employees working in the residences of stars and celebrities. Case in point: Ryan Gosling’s peeing habits. According to the actor’s staff, the Notebook star doesn’t pee in the usual male manner, he instead urinates more like a lady. That is, he pees sitting down. Aren’t you glad you know that little bit of toilet-related trivia?

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8. Mariah Carey Can Drinky Drink

Mariah Carey may be famous for many reasons including her out-of-this-world voice and lavish lifestyle. She isn’t particularly known for her binge-drinking habits, but according to certain employees of the mega-star, Mariah tends to drink so much at home that, at times, she needs help in order to get dressed. Hopefully these reports are a little exaggerated otherwise, it sounds like the star needs to sleep it off.

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7. Johnny Depp, The Ultimate Character

If you think that Johnny Depp fully embodies each character he takes on in his movies, just imagine that at home. According to the superstar actor’s employees, Depp enjoys dressing up in real life as much as he does for his roles on set and can often been seen around his home in any and every sort of costume.

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6. George Clooney Has Bad Manners

George Clooney appears to be the pinnacle of Hollywood suave, but his red carpet appearances are just part of the job and, according to Clooney’s staff, he’s much (much!) different at home. How different? Well, let’s just say that he’s not adverse to burping and farting around his staff who have been known to call him a “disgusting pig.” Disgusting?! Yup. Pig?! Yup. Ouch! Yup.

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5. Tom Cruise is a Clean Freak

George Clooney might be a “disgusting pig” according to his staff, but Tom Cruise’s employees are saying the exact opposite of their boss. In fact, if his staff is correct, Tom is quite the clean freak and has a strict set of rules for his household. One report even said that, while he was still married to Katie Holmes, she wasn’t allowed to use his private gym. Sir, yes, sir!

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4. Martha Stewart Hates Red-Bottomed Louboutins

Most shoe-lovers absolutely drool over a glimpse of the signature red-bottoms of spectacular Louboutin shoes. Martha Stewart doesn’t feel that way apparently and reports from her staff say that the lifestyle guru and one-time inmate has them color over the gorgeous red with black Sharpie markers. A sin against the fashion gods, no doubt.

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3. Christina Aguilera’s Sexy Costumes

It’s not a secret that Christina Aguilera held weekly “sexy Sundays” with her husband at the time Jordan Bratman, spending the day naked and doing … sexy things. But employees of the singer revealed that Christina’s efforts to continue to entice her now-ex wasn’t all about nekkid times, but also saucy dress-up. Staff report having to pick maid and nurse costumes up off of the floor after Christina and her lover had been gettin’ frisky.

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2. Britney Spears Sex Toys and Snacked-on Stash

Christina Aguilera’s staff might have been picking up sexy outfits left behind by the singer, but Britney Spears’ employees had to deal with something a little nastier. Along with reports of a nightstand full of sex toys (no biggie, really), the icky part came when it was said that they also had to deal with half-eaten food under the star’s bed like bits of burgers. Dude, even famous people should use the trash bin.

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1. Miley Cyrus’ Pet Pee and Poo Paradise

Miley Cyrus might be a pet-lover but she’s apparently not so great at being a pet-trainer. Employees of the star say that Miley never bothered to train her dogs and as a result they “poop and pee at will in the house.” Pee + poo in the house = barf-inducing situation!

Source: ABC News

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