8 Athletes Who Cheated on Their Hot Wives

For some women it is a goal to become the trophy wife of a superstar athlete. Unfortunately, these unions don’t always prove to be ideal. Even with a beautiful wife on their arms, some athletes can’t help but be tempted by endless indulgences. Here are eight athletes notorious for their cheating scandals:

1. Tiger Woods

Wife: Elin Nordegren

In November 2009, tabloid reports broke that Woods had an affair with nightclub promoter Rachel Uchitel. He later crashed his car into a tree outside his home. Reports surfaced that he had been attacked by wife Elin after she learned of the affair. Soon, multiple women would come forth admitting they had affairs with the golf legend. He admitted to his infidelity and issued a public apology. Tiger and Elin divorced in August 2010.

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2. Kobe Bryant

Wife: Vanessa Bryant

News of Bryant’s infidelity first arose in 2003 when he was arrested for the sexual assault of a hotel employee. Bryant admitted to having an affair with the woman, but denied any criminal wrongdoing. Over the years Bryant has been accused of additional scandals, including a 2011 affair with a woman named Jessica Borciaga. Borciaga denied the rumors. In December 2011, Vanessa filed for divorce, however the couple later reconciled and are still together.

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3. Oscar de la Hoya 

Wife: Millie Corretjer

In 2007, photos of a man in drag appearing to be de la Hoya were leaked online. After multiple legal disputes, he finally admitted to the authenticity of the photos. In the same interview, Oscar admitted to years of cheating on his wife, blaming the infidelity on his cocaine use. In addition to cocaine, de la Hoya admitted to an alcohol addiction and sought treatment in a rehab facility. The pair separated during their relationship, but have since reconciled.

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4. Ryan Giggs

Wife: Stacey Cooke

Welsh footballer Ryan Giggs was first reported to have had an affair with model Imogen Thomas in 2011. A gagging order was issued preventing Giggs from being revealed in the media, although foreign sources had already begun to speculate he was the man in question. In May 2011, the House of Commons openly identified him as the anonymous athlete. Nearly a year later, he agreed to the ruling. In 2013, it was revealed that Ryan had carried on an eight-year affair with brother Rhodri’s wife Natasha. While the affair led to divorce for Rhodri and Natasha, Ryan and wife Stacey are still going strong.

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5. Tom Brady

Wife (Common Law): Bridget Moynahan

In 2006 it was announced that actress Bridget Moynahan and football star Tom Brady had officially split. Soon after, Moynahan – who wasn’t announced she was three months pregnant with Brady’s child. It was rumored that the cause for the breakup was an alleged affair Brady had with model Gisele Bundchen. The two became an item shortly after. Moynahan gave birth to a son in 2007. Brady is now married to Gisele Bundchen and the couple has two children.

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6. Ashley Cole

Wife: Cheryl Tweedy

After two years of marriage to singer Cheryl Tweedy, allegations of an affair on behalf of footballer Ashley Cole made headlines. Aimee Walton, a hairdresser, claimed she engaged in a drunken tryst with Cole. Later, model Brooke Healy claimed she also had an affair with Ashley. Cole and Tweedy stayed together until 2010, after subsequent allegations emerged. Cheryl filed for divorce later that year and claims her husband never apologized for his behavior. She currently dates dancer Tre Holloway.

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7. Tony Parker

Wife: Eva Longoria

In 2007, tabloids reported Parker had an affair with model Alexandra Paressant. Both Longoria and Parker denied the rumors, with Parker filing a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the website that first launched the story. Three years later, Longoria filed for divorce, believing Parker had been cheating. The other woman was rumored to be Erin Barry, the wife of Parker’s teammate Brent Barry. The two were also in the process of divorce. Parker filed for divorce two days after Longoria. The divorced was finalized in 2011.

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8. Paul Lo Duca

Wife: Sonia Lo Duca
In 2006, a 19-year-old woman claimed she had been having an affair with the Mets catcher. The news broke one day after the Mets began an investigation into Lo Duca’s gambling problems. Sonia subsequently filed for divorce, citing this infidelity. Lo Duca denied having a gambling problem but expressed concern for his wife after the divorce filing. The couple kept in contact after the split and remained amicable for the sake of their daughter.

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