10 Biggest Disney Star Scandals


So as it turns out, every celeb who makes it big with Disney seems to wind up having some sort of scandal emerge at a later point in their career. This list could have been monumentally long, but we’ve sifted through all the tabloid drama and compiled the most outrageous Disney disappointments that have unfolded in recent years. Here are the top 10 recent Disney star scandals:

10. Miley Cyrus

It’s pretty much a given that Miley Cyrus would be on the list. She’s come a long way since her Hannah Montana days, but it would seem that Miley was ready to distance herself from her squeaky-clean teen years before audiences were ready to accept she was all grown up. The MTV twerk-a-thon with Robin Thicke made jaws drop all over the nation and ignited many conversations about Miley’s approach to her newfound womanhood and sexuality. Miley continued to make mothers cover their children’s eyes as she simulated masturbation in her tour performances, and released videos like “Wrecking Ball” that prove she’s ready to play with the big kids!


9. Fergie

This one time Disney Channel star appeared in the Kids Incorporated series. But this Black Eyed Peas songstress has a sordid history including an past addiction to crystal meth that started while she was performing with Wild Orchid. “It was the hardest boyfriend I ever had to break up with,” she told Time magazine in 2006. “It’s the drug that’s addicting. But it’s why you start doing it in the first place is even more interesting. A lot of it was being a child actor; I learned to suppress feelings.” Was there a correlation between being a Disney star and doing meth? I’m not a rocket scientist, but I think so!

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8. Lalaine Vergara Paras

Lalaine Vergara Paras was well known for playing Hilary Duff’s best friend on Lizzie McGuire, and this former child-star turned musician pled guilty in 2007 for felony possession of crystal meth. I guess Fergie isn’t the only Disney star to fall victim to the drug. She later enrolled in rehab and the Asian American Drug Abuse Program, shattering Disney’s misrepresentation of her as Mexican. She is Filipino. Gawd!

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7. Shia LaBeouf

This former Disney Channel star has certainly received his share of bad press lately. From his arrest for public intoxication to allegedly head-butting a man in a London pub, Shia has made his alcoholism known to the world, and it seems to be leading him down a path of pretty zany behavior. Shia streams videos of himself watching his own movies, he’s tried to start a fight outside an LA strip club, he’s chased a homeless man demanding he give him his McDonald’s, wore a bag on his head to the premiere of Nymphomaniac which said “I’m not famous anymore,” and he says he’s in rehab when he’s not. Frankly, I find some of his erratic behavior endearing. He’s certainly made himself interesting to watch!

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6. Justin Timberlake

JT may have successfully brought sexy back, but this former Mickey Mouse Club member made headlines when he “accidentally” tore Janet Jackson’s outfit, exposing her breast to an unsuspecting Super Bowl audience. He later said that he was “shocked and appalled” by the incident, but anyone who watched the performance could tell you it was intentional. Come on, Justin! Own it! Be a degenerate, just not a degenerate liar!

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5. Zac Efron

Zac Efron went from High School Musical child-star, to full-on hunk overnight. He seemed to be the perfect dream boat until 2013 when it was revealed that he’d been in rehab to reportedly beat an addiction to cocaine. In 2014, fans worried about the celeb’s sobriety when he was allegedly attacked in Skid Row. Hey, Zac! The 1980s called and they want their drugs back! As of late, he seems to be back in the swing of things and filming for upcoming movies.

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4. Vanessa Hudgens

Disney’s Vanessa Hudgens wasn’t quite prepared for the scandal that broke around some leaked nude photos of the High School Musical star. She was so mortified, “I’m embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken these photos.” Luckily her situation serves to educate other teens of the dangers of taking nude photos. Not quite the role model parents were hoping for…


3. Britney Spears

Britney Spears suffered a breakdown so public that the tabloid pics are forever imprinted on our brains! In 2007 after the dissolution of her marriage to Kevin Federline and the death of her aunt, Britney went off the deep end and after a one day stint in rehab, she left and shaved her head in an LA salon. The former Mickey Mouse Club member checked herself into several different rehab facilities over the weeks that followed. In 2008, Britney refused to relinquish custody of her sons. She was hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after police arrived and noted she appeared to be under the influence of an illicit substance. Britney’s mental faculties were legally questioned and she was committed to the psych ward and put on 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold. She was also permanently placed under the conservatorship of her father. While things seem to have blown over, only time will tell if this pop diva is able to keep her head above water for the long run.

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2. Dutch Whitlock

Who? Yeah, I don’t know, but he makes our list because his fall from grace was so tremendous! In 2006, Witlock played a skater dude in High School Musical and what do ya know, two years later wound up being arrested for allegedly trying to rob a pizza parlor at gunpoint. The take away lesson here is: grandma was right that skater dudes are bad news.

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1. Lindsay Lohan

Poor Lindsay. This former Disney star has sure had her share of scandal over the years! With her DUI and probation violations, this Mean Girls star racked up six mug shots between 2007-2013! Lindsay has spent three stints in rehab for substance abuse, which have caused her to lose movie deals, and she has subsequently moved to the small screen. In 2014, the Oprah Winfrey Network launched a documentary series called Lindsay that filmed Lindsay’s recovery and attempt to piece her life back together after the struggles in her personal life and career. The show was met with mixed critical reception and ran for a total of eight episodes. Lindsay has since moved to stage acting…

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